Michael Schumacher: 8 Facts You Didn’t Know




Michael Schumacher is a seven-time World Champion German Formula One driver. He holds the record for most victories (91), fastest laps and most wins in a single season. The driver is now recovering from a terrible skiing accident that left him with traumatic brain injuries in 2013. Here are eight pieces of trivia about the racing champion!

Number Eight: He Loves Soccer

Michael Schumacher loves both watching and playing soccer. He used to play at an amateur football team near his house in Switzerland whose coach was coincidentally called Patrick Ferrari!

Number Seven: Michael Schumacher’s Lucky Charm

He owns an African beaded bracelet—an old gift from his wife—he always carried with him on every race. The charm was actually found buried in the snow on the site of his skiing accident in the French Alps in 2013.

Number Six: He Doesn’t Want His Son to Follow His Steps

Schumacher knows just how dangerous racing is. For this reason, he didn’t want his son Mick to become one—he’d rather he pursued a career in tennis or football instead. Mick went on to become a racing driver nonetheless.

Number Five: Michael’s Favorite Movie Is…

The Silence of the Lambs! He told the press he really enjoys watching films on his spare time and loves Hannibal’s franchise.

Number Four: How It All Started

When Michael was four years old, his dad attached a motorcycle engine to his pedal kart. The artifice didn’t work so well and Michael crashed it into a lamp post. That same year, his parents took him the local racing academy, and he became the club’s youngest member ever!

Number Three: He’s Not into Luxury Cars

One might assume he also drives expensive Ferraris outside the racing circuits, but he really doesn’t. Schumacher owns a Fiat 500 Abarth as a personal car and a Fiat Croma as a family car. He does own a Ferrari FXX, but it was a gift from the car manufacturer after announcing his retirement from Formula One competitions.

Number Two: He Was in ‘Cars’

Disney’s Cars features a Ferrari F430 voiced by Schumacher. Director John Lasseter wanted professional drivers to do guest appearances in the movie and got Ferrari to connect him to the driver. His part was quickly recorded at 2005’s Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Number One: He Loves Horse-Riding

The Schumacher family owns a horse ranch in Switzerland and another one in Texas. They all enjoy horse-riding, but his daughter Gina-Maria is, in fact, an equestrian European master. She competes in different shows and championships around Europe and the U.S. and often takes the gold. We wish Schumacher a quick recovery and we hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts about him!

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