Michael Schumacher: 7 Reasons Fans Shouldn’t Lose Hope



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Michael Schumacher has been struggling. The seven-time Formula One world champion has had a prolific and remarkably successful career; however, since his devastating ski accident in late 2013, his health condition has not looked promising. Well, we’re not about to lose hope, and we don’t want his fans to lose hope either. Here, we present our list of seven reason fans of Michael Schumacher should stay positive and never lose hope.

Number Seven: He Has a Team of 15 Medical Experts by His Side

It’s been more than two years since Michael had the accident, but he has a strong team of experts who are doing everything they can to ensure he has the most successful recovery possible. The team of experts work full-time out of his Lake Geneva home, meaning their sole responsibility (as caretakers) is Michael. This is incredibly reassuring.

Number Six: His Family Continues to Be Hopeful

If you’re close to your family, then you understand that the bond family members share is more important than anything else. Well, the people closest to Michael continue to stay hopeful for him. According to inside sources, the people closest to Michael (his wife and children) have been unwaveringly hopeful since his accident. His recovery may be slow, but they know that he’s recovering nonetheless.

Number Five: His Sponsors Haven’t Deserted Him

Though Michael is obviously unable to race, he has retained sponsors despite his condition. It takes a lot for a large corporation (like Mercedes) to continue to sponsor someone who can’t physically do much, meaning they must seriously believe his condition is going to improve.

Number Four: He Still Has Close Friends

Jean Todt is Michael’s former boss and the president of FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). Todt has been a close family friend of Michael’s for quite some time, and they continue to maintain a friendship, even now. Just a few days ago, Todt said, “My relationship with [Schumacher] has changed of course, but I still have a relationship with him. I’m still his friend.” He also admitted that his relationship with Michael’s family has become even stronger, cementing the hope that Michael’s condition will eventually improve.

Number Three: Time Is on His Side

The facts speak for themselves: Michael had the accident toward the end of 2013, and he’s still alive today, in 2016. At this point, medical experts believe that only time can dictate what the future holds for him. If the past two years are any indicator of what the future holds, then only growth lies ahead.

Number Two: Michael Schumacher Is a Well-Documented Fighter

It’s no secret that Michael has a large and widespread support system. One such supporter is the legendary Murray Walker, a British F1 commentator and journalist. Walker saw Schumacher recover from his 2009 motorcycle accident, and while that accident is incomparable to his skiing accident, it’s clear that he has a lot of resilience.

Number One: He Is Showing ‘Small, Encouraging Signs’

Michael’s fans deserve to know the truth about his condition, and the truth is that through all of his struggles, everyone around him is making hopeful observations. While very little has been said in terms of his specific medical state, his family has said he is showing “small encouraging signs.” Fans of Michael Schumacher – don’t give up! Thanks for reading!

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