Mexico: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We filled you in with the first set of seven things you didn’t know about Mexico, and now we are back with the remaining top eight! Find out what’s so special about this place when you discover the most interesting and lesser-known facts of the beautiful country of Mexico!

Number Seven: Yucatan Irony. The naming of Yucatan was a bit of an ironic accident. The name was documented when the Spanish conquistadores asked what the name of their land was, and they responded “Yucatan”. In their language, they were saying “I don’t understand”.

Number Six: Mexican Food. UNESCO has deemed Mexican food to be considered a “World Heritage”. Many people outside of the country instantly think of tacos, burritos, mangos, and cumin, but these flavors are only a small portion of the cuisine that Mexico has to offer. In fact, the Caesar salad, often confused to be Greek, was actually first made by a Mexican Cesar.

Number Five: Mayan City. This is one of Mexico’s lesser-known jewels. Chichen-Itza is a large pyramid-like structure composed by the Mayans and used as the location for their most populated city. It has astounded archaeologists all over the world and has been named to be a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

Number Four: Mexico City. There are a lot of people living there, and it’s actually kind of nice. Contrary to what most people believe, Mexico City is metropolitan area home to more than 20 million people.

Number Three: Great Schools. Mexico is home to UNAM, the National Public University in Mexico. This university ranks 146 against the rest of the world and has produced multiple winners of the Nobel Prize. Not only are they considered to be the best school in all of Mexico, but also the largest across Latin America.

Number Two: They Have States. They don’t call themselves the United Mexican States for nothing. The country is divided up into 31 territories that behave in a fashion oddly similar to the way that our states work.

Number One: They Started as a Monarchy. Maximiliano I, the sibling to the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, was once the main behind all of Mexico. The “Castillo de Chapultepec” remains to this day to be the only castle in the whole country, which is where he once resided with his wife, Carlota.

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