Mesut Ozil: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Soccer Star



Mesut Ozil has certainly made a name for himself on the soccer field, but how much do you know about this incredible soccer star? We have come to give you all of the most interesting, unknown facts about this unique man, so read on to find out the seven things that you will want to know about Mesut Ozil!

Number Seven: He is Lactose Intolerant

He really hates it, too. According to him, he is a huge ice cream addict. Although, his intolerance never holds him back from the Ben & Jerry’s festival.

Number Six: The Mesut Ozil Brand

Like many famous athletes, Ozil has come up with his own line of sports-based attire. In collaboration with Adidas, he produced a line of gear embellished with his iconic “O” emblem.

Number Five: The Array of Pet Names

When it comes to nicknames, Ozil has some of the greatest. They both sprouted from the former clubs for which he played. Germany dubbed him The Raven, and Madrid refers to him as Nemo.

Number Four: He’s the Worst Penalty Shot Ever

Ozil has quite a handful of talents on the field, but penalty shots just aren’t in his particular skill set. In fact, he has missed every single one in a game that he ever attempted.

Number Three: Turkish Roots

Although Ozil’s family has lived in Germany for three generations, his roots originate from a Turkish town on the shore of the Black Sea. He claimed that his soccer attitude is created from the two sides of himself: the technique and intuition from his Turkish roots, and the discipline and motivation from his German half.

Number Two: His Social Media Presence

Mesut Ozil is a huge fanatic of social media, and is one of the most followed athletes in the world. He has 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 10.3 Twitter followers. According to Facebook, he is the seventh most popular player in the game.

Number One: Mesut- the Rapper

Oddly enough, this soccer star has tried his hand at rapping and, apparently, he is rather successful. As a 2010 promotion, Ozil stood with den Delay in a music video and performed a rather “interesting” German rap- one his fans never let him live down. We hope you enjoyed discovering the seven things that you didn’t know about the soccer star Mesut Ozil!

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