Mercedes: 8 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know



Mercedes cars have been around for longer than most of us can remember, but what aren’t you hearing about this company? There is a rich history and back story behind this car manufacturer, and it is time we filled you in on everything they have to offer. After reading about the vast success of Mercedes, you may just need to go car shopping!

Number Eight: The Formula One Car

If you doubt the capabilities of the technical masterminds over at the Mercedes-Benz headquarters, you should take a second look at the car that Nico Rosberg sports for his team in the Formula One championships. This particular vehicle is capable of seemingly-impossible feats, including the ability to drive upside-down at 240 kilometers per hour. That would come in handy if he ever needed to pull off some James Bond-like stunts in a tunnel.

Number Seven: Bringing Home the Trophies

In addition to showing off on the Formula One speedway, Mercedes has continued to make a name for itself by sporting its victories in a number of other racing games. In 1988, the company began its participation in the DTM games created by the German Touring Car Masters. Since their joining f the competition, they have raked in more wins on this track than any other competing team.

Number Six: The Historic Silver Arrow

This company has received quite a remarkable level of publicity from its creation of the winning silver arrow in 1934, but many of us are unaware of the story that explains the vehicle’s birth. On the day of the International Eifel Race in 1934, the Mercedes racing team was gearing up for a win when it was revealed that their racecar was a single kilogram over the 750-kilogram vehicle weight restriction. Not quite ready to throw in the towel, the team rushed to scrape off all of the cars fresh coat of paint, down to the aluminum body. This allowed the newly-named “Silver Arrow” to not only compete, but bring home a legendary win for the company. This model’s victory inspired a whole new line of Silver Arrows for the following years’ races.

Number Five: Another Mercedes Victory

Shortly after the success of the Silver Arrow, Mercedes continued to make headlines with a revolutionary creation in 1936. In this year, the first ever diesel-powered passenger car was released by the outstanding company. This model, the 260D Mercedes-Benz, continued to make the car manufacturers a star of the media.

Number Four: Precious Cargo

Mercedes-Benz is also responsible for the manufacture of the legendary Popemobile. The model was originally a Merc ML, but with a few touches of greatness added on. The vehicle is completely one-of-a-kind, equipped with a unique hydraulic chair lift into the protective glass “room”.

Number Three: Care in Every Engine

In the early days of engine technology, Mercedes-Benz took great care in every engine that their prestigious line of automobiles sported. Every single 6.3V8 and 3 M-100 6.9 Mercedes engine was built entirely by hand and tested by extensive means to ensure quality.

Number Two: Life-Saving Technology

This company was the first to take many steps towards the innovation that we see in the modern day. For example, the airbag was first introduced by this revolutionary manufacturer in the 1981 S-Class. Since this installation, the airbag has become arguably the most impressive and life-saving contribution ever incorporated into automotive technology. They were also among the first companies to include antilock braking systems in their vehicles.

Number One: The Product of Greatness

With every wildly-successful and timeless company comes a slogan to match. After discovering all of the record-breaking, revolutionary, and highly impressive aspects of this significant car manufacturer, you would probably agree that Mercedes really lives up to theirs: “Das Beste Oder Nichts.” In German, this translates to “the best or nothing.” We hope you liked reading our list of the eight surprising facts about Mercedes!

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