Master of None: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We were recently talking about Aziz Ansari’s critically acclaimed showMaster of None, and now we are back with more exciting fun facts about the series. The show will soon return for season two on Netflix, so now is the right time to binge-watch it, fi you haven’t already!

Number Seven: They Auditioned Everyone Without Regard to Race

The show got some negative comments from people complaining that Dev’s love interests are all white. Ansari explained this decision as a mere coincidence, claiming that they didn’t have a white girl in mind, and auditioned people of all ethnicities. “[We] wanted to cast the person I seemed to have the best chemistry with to sell this huge relationship arc.”

Number Six: Master of None Was Filmed to Resemble a Movie

Aesthetically speaking, Master of None looks more like a movie than a show. According to Alan Yang, that was a conscious decision to set the series apart from other comedy shows and make it resemble “a loose, personal, realistic comedy from the 70’s.” They achieved this mostly by narrowing the aspect ratio.

Number Five: They Loved Working with Netflix

The show premiered on Netflix in 2015. Aziz explains that the team loved working with Netflix for several reasons: because they didn’t have to deal with content issues, such as sex and language, they didn’t have to edit the show for commercials, and they were really well treated by the company. Ansari and Yang also really enjoyed people being able to binge-watch Master of None.

Number Four: Paro the Seal is Real

If you were wondering if it really exists… it does. The robotic seal was created in Japan for therapeutic purposes.

Number Three: Actual Restaurant Researching

The finale, which opens with Dev and Arnold researching a million different restaurants online to choose the right taco place to go eat is also a regular, personal experience of Ansari and Yang (and pretty much anyone else in New York.) “Alan and I do this almost every day. We then hit a second phase where after we pick a place, we spend forever deliberating what dishes to get.”

Number Two: The Accents Are Real

As we mentioned in part one, Aziz Ansari cast his own parents to play Dev’s parents. Not only that, but both their accents and mannerisms are 100% unique to them.

Number One: The Show Was Structured Like a Stand Up

Ansari and Yang wanted the show to feel like a stand-up show (with the looks of a film.) Ansari, who was a stand-up comedian during his college years in NYU, decided to just focus on specific topics and bring each character whenever it was needed, instead of having the same people around all the time for consistency. We hope you found out something interesting about the show!

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