Maria Sharapova: 50 Awesome Facts You Never Learned (Part 6)



We filled you in with the 41 awesome facts we showed you about Maria Sharapova in our parts one through five articles, and now we have returned with our final part six! Read on to discover all that you are missing out on about this Russian tennis goddess, with our reveal of the top nine most awesome facts of all that you didn’t know about Maria Sharapova!

Number Nine: Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to food, Sharapova has a special weakness for Italian-style bread. When it comes to dessert, she absolutely loves all kinds.

Number Eight: Her First Formal Training

The young tennis diva trained with her father for most of her early life. When it came time to take professional training, her first lessons were received from renowned coach Yuri Yutkin, who has trained a handful of successful stars.

Number Seven: Leading Fashion

As any good celebrity must do, Sharapova also released her own line of fashion. The tennis apparel line is deemed the Nike Maria Sharapova Collection.

Number Six: Making Headlines

Since her hard beginning, Sharapova has definitely climbed the ladder of success. She has been named the number one tennis player in the world not only once in 2005, but again in 2012.

Number Five: Olympic Winner

Making an even bigger name for herself, Sharapova was chosen to compete in the London Olympics in 2012. She walked away with a big smile and the silver medal.

Number Four: The Battle Cry

When playing her sport, Sharapova has been known to unleash her inner tennis beast by releasing a shout every time she hits the ball. The loudest that this shout has ever been measured at is roughly 105 decibels.

Number Three: Banning the Battle Cry

Her iconic battle cry may be entertaining although her fellow players often don’t think so. They often complain to feel “suppressed” by her noise and feel that it should be banned from the court.

Number Two: The Fan Base

Both tennis and this young star have evolved their popularity in recent years, and Sharapova has been receiving a lot of attention from her enormous fan base. In both 2005 and 2005, she was the most-searched athlete, according to Yahoo.

Number One: Maria Sharapova Has an Overenthusiastic Tennis Dad

Sharapova’s father may be Russian, but he has the enthusiasm and support of an American sports-dad. Witnesses reveal that he always gets pretty rowdy in the stands when he attends his daughter’s games. We hope you enjoyed learning all 50 of our awesome facts that you never knew about Maria Sharapova!

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