Maradona: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Welcome back to the list of things you might not know about soccer legend Diego Maradona. The player had a lethal combination of pace, skill and finishing ability. But there’s a lot that might surprise you about the man and the life he lived – on and off the pitch. Read more about Maradona below!

Number Eight: Maradona Has a Religion Named After Him

The Church of Maradona was founded in the Argentinian city of Buenos Aires in 1998. In Argentina, soccer is like a religion. And for those in the Church of Maradona, it is a monotheistic one.

Number Seven: Has Had Many Illegitimate Children

This is a thing he has said himself and is part bragging. He also has said that the only children that are “legitimate” are his daughters Dalma and Giannina and that the rest are a result of my money and his mistakes.

Number Six: A Club in Argentina Named Their Stadium in His Honor

The club Argentinos Juniors named their ground in his honor. In Spanish, the named is Estadio Diego Armando Maradona.

Number Five: He Hosted His Own Talk Show

We mentioned a little in part one about the rivalry – and vitriol – that was shared between Maradona and Pele. Nevertheless, the latter soccer legend was the very first guest on Maradona’s own talk show.

Number Four: He Is Really Not a Fan of George W. Bush

Many people have felt anti-Bush in their lives, but most have not been as publicly vocal as Maradona. He once wore a t-shirt in which the Swastika was in the place of the S in the former President’s name.

Number Three: Admits to Cheating in Hand of God Goal

The Hand of God Goal is one of the most infamous goals in soccer history. In it, the famous footballer clearly used his hand to score a goal against the England squad in 1986. At least he has admitted that he did it.

Number Two: He Was Very Heavy During Parts of His Career

He has definitely had problems with his weight. Some estimates have had his weight over 300 pounds during different parts of his playing career.

Number One: He Was Addicted to Cocaine for Years

This even went on during the height of his playing ability. He finally kicked the habit in the mid-2000’s. Thanks for reading!

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