Maradona: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Maradona is one of the greatest soccer players of all time. He was considered to be the greatest Argentinian to ever play the game, if not the best to play it from any country, by many. And while for many this still might be true, many now consider Lionel Messi to be challenging him for both. Read more below to find out more about the great footballer!

Number Fifteen: Maradona is a Friend of Fidel Castro

Apparently the soccer star and the Cuban leader used to pretty pretty close. They would talk in the middle of the night to chat about all types of different things.

Number Fourteen: One of his Goal’s Has Been Nicknamed the Goal of the Century

The goal was one of two against England in the 1986 World Cup. Interestingly, Messi scored a goal in a strikingly similar scenario on the field when he was just 19.

Number Thirteen: Napoli Has Never Won a League Title Without Maradona

The Serie A club Napoli were are the top of their league twice – in 1987 and 1990. Both times, Maradona was on the team.

Number Twelve: He Has a Tattoo of Che Guevara On His Arm

The Cuban revolutionary connection doesn’t end with Fidel. Maradona has a tattoo of Che on his shoulder – the well-known guerrilla fighter also hails from Maradona’s home nation of Argentina.

Number Eleven: He is the Most Fouled Player in Single World Cup Game

It’s not the type of record he could do much about, but it is a testament to his greatness. The game was an Argentina game against Italy in 1982, and Italy won the game and the tournament (maybe thanks to their decision to tackle Maradona as much as possible).

Number Ten: He Refuse to Attend a World Cup Ceremony Because Pele Was There

Maradona refused to go to the opening ceremony of the 2006 World Cup because Pele was going to be there. He apparently said he didn’t want to look at bloody Pele walking around.

Number Nine: The Argentinian Requested That FIFA Retire the Number 10

You would think that if FIFA might retire anyone’s number, it could be Maradona’s. But nope – they refused his offer. That’s it for part one, check out part two soon!

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