Malaria: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)



Malaria is a rampant disease that thankfully isn’t very prominent in first world countries but sadly exists in a good number of areas worldwide. The more people know about this disease, the better. Here are more facts about the disease that people should know.

Number Eight: Things Are Improving

Although nearly half of the world’s population is still at risk of contracting Malaria, things are certainly improving. Since 2000, mortality rates have fallen by 60 percent, which is huge.

Number Seven: Artemisinin Resistance Threats Us All

For a long time, medicine to fight and get rid of malaria has been quite dependable. However, things have changed: the parasites now are resisting artemisinin, which may change the whole dynamic.

Number Six: Spray to Slay

In order to avoid getting sick from malaria, doctors suggest people use an indoor residual spray in order to lessen transmission. With the spray, the risk of getting malaria is greatly decreased.

Number Five: It’s Tied to Poverty

Malaria doesn’t just effect people’s help, it also extremely hurts people financially. Treatment is extremely expensive in poor areas, and so it drags families down. This sort of treatment should ideally be free so that everyone can lead healthy lives.

Number Four: Malaria Can Kill Fast

When Malaria hits, it hits hard. Especially is someone does not get the right treatment, it can basically be a death sentence. Over the years, people have seen it kill people within 24 hours, which is terrifying.

Number Three: It’s the Worst in Africa

Most of the people that have to deal with the disease are those who reside in Africa. It is quite bad over there. Thankfully, there are campaigns donate sleeping nets, which help these issues over time.

Number It’s Not Just Spread by Mosquitoes

Despite the fact that mosquitoes are given to a person, this has lead to the misconception that they cannot be passed through other methods. In addition to this, the disease may also be passed from one person to another by sharing needles. This should give someone yet another reason not to do drugs.

Number One: Symptoms Take a While

Although a person may be bitten, it can take more than two weeks for the symptoms to show themselves. So if you’ve been traveling and notice some symptoms a few weeks after traveling, don’t discount them. See a doctor instead. Thanks for reading our list of things you didn’t know about Malaria!

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