Macklemore: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Macklemore has taken well to the rapping scene. People love him around the world. Here’s more facts about the rapper that the normal fan doesn’t know.

Number Eight: He Pushed Drugs As a Teen

When Macklemore was just a teenager, he began selling drugs. However, there are ties to it which are interesting: he did it to fuel his already developing interest in music production and bought a two-track recorder. At least he made the best out of something like that.

Number Seven: It all Started Out as a Joke

Macklemore’s apparel line and fan base had begun as a joke: after all, their name is The Shark Face Gang. However, it gained popularity and after awhile, he decided to keep the name.

Number Six: His Drug Use Once Immobilized Him

This rapper had such a huge problem with drugs that he had to go to rehab for a number of years. He couldn’t make any of his music due to his addictions. Thankfully, he is clean now.

Number Five: His Name Was Made in School

When he was in graphic design, he made up the name Macklemore. He liked it so much that he decided to use it professionally. These sorts of things always seem to happen in a funny way.

Number Four: He Has Ghostly Inspirations

When this rapper was writing tracks for The Height, he got inspired by walking through cemeteries. He also found it much easier to be creative when looking at various pieces in art museums.

Number Three: He Loves Baseball

The Seattle Mariners, Macklemore’s hometown team, is particularly his favorite. Eventually, he got to perform at the teams opening day in 2011.

Number Two: Macklemore Isn’t a Fan of His Early Work

Although Open Your Eyes, the rapper’s first album, is online, he’s not proud of it. He has said before that he “never wanted [it] to make its way to the Internet”.

Number One: His Partner Was Once a Metalhead

Ryan Lewis, who works intrinsically with Macklemore, was once in a metal band. Macklemore was the person who inspired him towards a more Hip Hop genre of music.

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