MacBook: 15 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know



The introduction of the MacBook has been revolutionizing portable computers since 2006, and it is high time this laptop got some recognition. Whether you own one or not, we have found the most surprising and relevant information about this ground-breaking computer. To find out everything you are missing out on about this brand, all you have to do is keep reading!

Number Fifteen: Your Computer Can Read You a Story

As you have probably realized by now, scrolling through extensive paragraphs of tiny text is the bane of all the internet has to offer. If your eyes are getting tired and you have a MacBook, you could always just have your computer read your articles to you. All you have to do is highlight the text to be read, select “edit” on the page, then “speech”, and finally “start speaking”.

Number Fourteen: Or Hide Your Pages

When clicking away on a MacBook at work, we have all been guilty of checking our Facebook at some point. If your boss is creeping up behind you at the wrong moment, you can easily hide the page that you’re not supposed to be on. All you have to do it click the “command” and “H” keys, and the page will be hidden away from peering eyes.

Number Thirteen: Or Put You at the Front of Printing Line

When it comes to printing at work, it can be especially frustrating to be waiting in line to use the printer that is currently printing page three of 246. The masterminds behind Mac understand. That’s why they installed a nifty little feature that allows you to choose all of the printers in the office to produce your document, and it will come out of the one that opens up first. To do this, just modify your settings under “System preferences”. Go to “Printers and Scanners”, and create a printer pool with all of your surrounding printers.

Number Twelve: Or Even Sign Your Documents

In the world of business, there are far too many documents that require your John Hancock. Mac understands that, too. That’s why they have included another handy feature in their laptops, aimed at creating an easier way to sign all of your important papers. Sign your name on a blank piece of paper, open up the Preview program on your home screen, go to “Preferences”, and select “Signatures”. From here, you can save a single signature to place on all your documents.

Number Eleven: Don’t Smoke Near Your MacBook

Apparently, your laptop is exceptionally sensitive to secondhand smoke. If tar residue (caused by smoke in the air) is found in a computer, the warranty is completely voided. Check the manual.

Number Ten: The MacBook Hiatus

After the emergence of the notebook-style laptop, the MacBook took flight among its competitors. However, in 2011, the production of this line of miniature computers took a hiatus. In fact, all of the notebook laptops did. No one quite knows what happened to the notebooks and the MacBooks from 2011 to 2014, but impressive demand for the portable computers brought them back.

Number Nine: The iBook

Ever heard of the iBook? Yeah, most people haven’t. The Mac company wasn’t always known for its high-scale laptops like it is today, after failing with the embarrassing productions of the iBook and PowerBook lines. The Macbook was the saving grace that replaced these horrible early creations.

Number Eight: The Average Revenue

The MacBook laptop reached its peak pricing in 2009. In this year, although the entire price of the laptops didn’t go straight to the company’s profits, the profits they did receive from each one sold totaled about $1,279.

Number Seven: Before the MacBook

Before the production of the MacBook, and the failing iBook and PowerBook mentioned in our previous article, Apple created the Macintosh Portable. This portable laptop was the very first portable computer ever created by the now-booming company.

Number Six: Ahead of Its Time

Despite the ultimate fail experienced by the production of the PowerBook, the earlier version of the MacBook, the Apple company was advertising the device far ahead of its time. Presumably. The 1996 film Courage Under Fire featured the device being used by Denzel Washington a handful of times. The issue with this, however, was that the movie was set to occur during the Gulf War in 1991- roughly four years before the device’s release.

Number Five: Roots in Space Travel

In 1991, the first (legitimate) email from space was sent using an early version of the MacBook, the Mac Portable. The message was sent with specially-designed AppleLink software by the astronauts aboard the STS-43 Atlantis.

Number Four: The Most Expensive Laptop

The Apple company holds the title for creating the most expensive notebook laptop, or any laptop for that matter in history. This lavish device, the MacBook Air Platinum, is made from solid platinum and sold for approximately $486,616.

Number Three: Trackball Technology

Back in the early days of portable computers, people were absolutely in love with the trackballs used to replace mousepads. Remarkably, this technology was first introduced by the MacBook’s predecessor, the PowerBook. Upon the technology’s introduction, it was a huge success for a limited time.

Number Two: Wireless Technology

Similarly, Apple was the first to release wireless technology among their line of computers. Before this, even portable computers had to be linked up to landlines. Not surprisingly, the technology emerged from another of the MacBook’s predecessors, the iBook.

Number One: You MacBook Will Do the Math for You

The MacBook portable computer is famous for its revolutionary capabilities and ease of access, but do you know about the mathematical abilities your device possesses? Sure, you can always just open up the helpful calculator from your dashboard, but there is an even faster way to achieve mathematical success. By simply typing your equation into the Spotlight application, you can receive your results with minimal hassle. We hope you enjoyed learning about the 15 things that you didn’t know about the Macbook!

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