Mac Miller: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Rapper


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Mac Miller continues to make music that people appreciate despite going through a couple of stylistic changes during the course of his career. Who knew the Pittsburgh rapper who started off rapping about partying and liking beer would end up waxing philosophical and appealing to the hip hop heads of the world? Here are seven things that even some big Mac fans might not know about the rapper.

Number Seven: He Started Smoking Cigarettes in Third Grade

You might expect rappers to start a lot of things young, but smoking your first cigarette in third grade is pretty young for anyone. Mac Miller also started smoking weed pretty early, too – he first got high a couple years later when he was in fifth grade.

Number Six: He Used to Rob for Studio Time

Before he was the rich and famous rapper we know today, Mac used to be pretty low on funds. In order to record his early records, he would steal televisions from parties and rob money out of purses.

Number Five: He Has Recorded With NFL Players

Darrelle Revies, who plays for the New York Jets, helped discover Mac back when the football player was a star at the University of Pittsburgh. They recorded music together with the athlete going by the name Mr. Manhattan.

Number Four: Mac Miller Had His Own Apartment While in High School

The rapper’s grandfather died when he was still in school and he inherited enough money to get his own place. Ironically, even though the apartment was much closer to his school, he would often cut class for weeks at a time.

Number Three: Earl Sweatshirt Makes Beats at His House

Miller is known for his big house parties in Los Angeles, but he also has some nice musical equipment in there. Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt will often stop by to create a beat.

Number Two: He Used to Sell Weed

He has said he was horrible at it. But it was just another means to pay for studio time.

Number One: He Has Spent a Night in Jail

That’s right – singular. He got arrested with weed in New York State while on tour and had to sleep overnight in a jail there. That’s all for our Mac Miller list, thanks for reading!

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