Lovely English Cottage for sale in L.A.



The fabulous L.A. real estate blog Soulful Abode recently highlighted a vintage house on the market in Glendale, California (a Los Angeles Eastside neighborhood).

For all you cottage lovers, this place is about as close as they come to perfection…

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This 1924 English Cottage is listed at $539,000 and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 1,613 square feet.

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Technically, it’s not actually English, since it was built in California, but have a look inside – you may as well be in the English countryside in this home! It is so quaint!

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Features include original fireplace, moldings, built-ins, a vintage Wedgewood, a modern kitchen and a 463 sq. ft. sun room/guest room/office in the attic. The kitchen opens up to an inviting, blooming backyard that almost steals the whole show.

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My eyes just about bulged out of my head when I saw this charming kitchen:

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How could you NOT love a kitchen like this?

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That is a an actual restored Wedgewood stove! Someone has very good taste!

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What can I say? The sloped ceilings, mossy green on the walls, the skylight… I’m crazy about this cottage!

The garden out back is a little slice of heaven right here on terra firma…

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Did you notice the outdoor chandelier hanging from the large branch over the bistro table?

Blissful, divine (and all of those other dainty blogger words).

For more information on this adorable English cottage, see the Soulful Abode post here.


Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace  ~ Old Proverb


Although… at that price ($539k) you could buy a palace in most other areas of the US!


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