Lost: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




There are so many interesting pieces of trivia to discuss about Lost, whose numerous references and connections make for one of the most thought-out and intriguing series in TV history. We are now back with seven more fun facts about the show!

Number Seven: Almost Everything Was Shot in Hawaii

Most of the flashbacks and flash-forwards in the show take place in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney. However, almost all of these scenes were actually filmed in Oahu. For example, Oxford University was actually Honolulu’s St. Andrew’s cathedral, which was also used as the monastery where Desmond worked. The only time the production was moved overseas was to shoot Alan Dale (Charles Widmore)’s scenes, who couldn’t leave England due to scheduling issues.

Number Six: Sun and Jin Weren’t in the First Script

Yunjin Kim actually auditioned for the role of Kate. The casting directors didn’t saw in her what they were looking for, but they were so impressed by the actress a new character was written just for her. Jin was brought along as her strict Korean husband.

Number Five: Josh Holloway Was Cast Because of His Accent

Sawyer was also a lot different in the first stages of the show’s pre-production. He was written as a rich, slick con man. When Josh Holloway walked in, everything changed. J.J. Abrams loved his edgy portrayal and his Southern accent, which he asked him to keep. Extra fun fact: Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan and Jorge García all read for Sawyer!

Number Four: Lost and Cloverfield Connections

Four years after Lost debuted, J.J. Abrams produced the monster movie Cloverfield. The Dharma logo can be seen in the opening credits of the movie.

Number Three: Shocking Attention to Detail

The most impressive thing about Lost is how much thought was put into it. The producers were always trying to tie every subplot together and make everything appear as realistic as possible. This is evident in one of the Sydney sequences with Christian Shephard and Ana Lucía. Since these scenes were filmed in Hawaii, the cars had a left-hand drive. These sequences were flipped in post-production to have the cars look Australian.

Number Two: The Plane Served as an Instrument

Michael Giacchino’s superb score featured some unique utensils—scraps of metal from the wrecked airplane were used as percussion instruments. These pieces were sent to Los Angeles for the orchestra to use.

Number One: Vincent Is Actually Female

Walt’s dog, Vincent, who opens and closes the series, is actually a female yellow lab. Her name is Madison and she even has her own IMDb page! We hope you learned something new about the unique sci-fi show!

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