Loretta Lynn: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



 Sean McClintock
Sean McClintock

Loretta Lynn soared across Country Music Charts for many years and has the awards to prove her success. Most people know of her blue-collar childhood and the biographical film, Coal Miner’s Daughter starring Sissy Spacek. However, there are some other interesting things you may not know about this country singer legend.

Number Fifteen: She Has Her Own Chicken Recipe

It’s her own special recipe and it’s called Loretta Lynn’s Crispy Fried Chicken. It’s mentioned in her own cookbook, Cookin’ It Country, where she shares 120 of her favorite recipes. It sounds finger lickin’ good if you ask me!

Number Fourteen: Glamorous Gowns Are Her M.O.

Loretta was never shy with her opulent gowns. They were always bright and puffy, or full of diamonds. These gowns became her trademark. Even today there is a prominent Facebook page called Loretta Lynn Costumes and Collectors Page.

Number Thirteen: Is Loretta Lynn Older Than We Think?

There are rumors that Loretta Lynn is actually three years older than the public as always perceived her to be. So she is either 80 or 83 years old. Either way, she still looks good and still has the chops!

Number Twelve: Her Latest Album Has Some Cash in it

I don’t mean just millions. Loretta Lynn’s most recent album, Full Circle, was produced by Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash.

Number Eleven: She Was a Young Grandma

By the time Loretta turned 21 years old she had four kids. Then by the time she turned 29 years old, she was already a grandma. A beautiful, singer-songwriter grandma, that is.

Number Ten: She Paved The Way For Female Country Singers

In the 1977 Hollywood Walk of Fame, Loretta was the first female ever to earn a star. She made history for her gender and genre! You’re welcome, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

Number Nine: She Is Still Going Strong

Loretta is touring and singing and has the dates to prove it! She is currently touring in Florida. There’s a whole year planned of tour dates as well! Keep on Keeping on Loretta. There are even more interesting things you are going to want to know about Loretta Lynn. Stay tuned for the next part of this article!

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