LMFAO: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We already brought you part one of this list of facts about the LA based musical duo, LMFAO. We learned that they come from a great musical legacy, having roots in Motown, and are nephew and uncle. Here is part two of the article.

Number Eight: Redfoo Met Michael Jackson

He went to a party at his dad’s house and a lot of famous people were there, though Michael is the one he remembers most clearly. He said that Michael tucked him in and then sat there and talked with his mom.

Number Seven: ‘Fellatio Ratio’

The men from LMFAO insisted up on having at least a two to one ratio of females to males at all of their parties. If it became four to one, they called it a “fellatio ratio”.

Number Six: MTV’s Real World

Back in 2009 the group performed for some of the housemates on the show Real World: Cancun. Apparently CJ, one of the roommates, claims that they are the coolest people he’s ever hung out with.

Number Five: ‘Nachos’

When these two invite friends to their VIP rooms or parties, they have a few rules. One of them insists that males bring two “nachos”, meaning females that are “not yours”- not your girlfriend, not your relative.

Number Four: Redfoo Had a Real Estate License

It’s hard to imagine this guy with a “real” career, but apparently he once owned a real estate license. He even tried his hand briefly in day trading penny stocks before abandoning that to focus completely on music.

Number Three: Redfoo Stayed Popular, but Only in Australia

After officially announcing their hiatus in 2012, Redfoo came out with a couple of singles titled Bring Out the Bottles and I’ll Award You with My Body. Apparently these were only appreciated in the land down under.

Number Two: Mexican Food vs. Sushi

When asked about their split, the members compared it to going out on a date and one of you wanting Mexican food while the other wants sushi. It just didn’t work. Now they’re both doing their own stuff.

Number One: LMFAO Worked With Lil Jon

LMFAO worked with the rapper on the song Shots back in 2009. We hope you enjoyed part two of this list of facts.

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