Lion Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



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There is never too much to learn about the beautiful creature, the lion. So, here is part two of our series on this big cat.

Number Eight: The Male Lions Are the Protectors

The females may do the hunting but the males do the protecting. Their main job is to defend the pride’s territory. They do this by using their almighty roar which can carry for a few miles.

Number Seven: They Live Longer In Captivity

With all of the work it takes to survive in the wild, it comes as no surprise that the lion fairs better in captivity. In the wild, a lion can live as long as 12-16 years while in captivity they can survive up to 25 years.

Number Six: They Are Nocturnal

While the men are protecting their pride territory, the women go to work doing the hunting. This usually takes place from dusk until dawn.

Number Five: They Can Run As Fast As A Car

The scenes you see of lions running in movies show their power but not their speed. They can reach up to 81 miles per hour but only in short bursts because of a lack of stamina.

Number Four: They Can Breed With Other Big Cats

Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal, the liger, may have sound ridiculous when he talked about it but they do actually exist. The hybrids between lions and other big cats can be called ligers (lions and tigers) and leopons (lions and leopards).

Number Three: They Know How To Nap

Since lions are nocturnal, they take a well-deserved rest when the sun is up. They can sleep for almost 20 hours during the day.

Number Two: A Lion Mane Is More Than Just Looks

Since no other big cats have manes, they are very distinctive of lions. They make the males look larger and more intimidating but they also protect them during fights.

Number One: They Have Religious Meaning

Just looking at a lion, you cannot look past his menacing features. This is why the ancient Egyptians honored the lion as one of their war deities. Thanks so much for reading our facts on lions!

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