Lion Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



There is nothing more majestic than a lion. However, despite lions’ ongoing spot in the limelight (especially on nature shows), there are still a few things that most people don’t know. Everyone knows this beautiful as the king of the jungle, but here are a few facts that you might not otherwise know about lions.

Number Fifteen: The Lion Can Vary In Color

If you are looking for a yellow lion like Simba, you won’t find that in the jungle. Lion’s coats vary from light yellow-brown coats to thick black manes for the male lions as they get older.

Number Fourteen: They Eat A Variety Of Things

While a bit gory, a lion’s diet can consist of things like wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, buffalo and wild hogs. They will also eat smaller animals like hares, birds and reptiles.

Number Thirteen: They’ve Moved

The largest lion populations used to mainly be in Africa, but now they can be found in the South Sahara desert and in parts of Southern and Eastern Africa. Lions were also found in Greece to Northern India at one time.

Number Twelve: Lions Are Extremely Social

Out of the entire cat family, lions are the most social. They live in groups called prides which can be made up of about 15 lions with female lions and their cubs making up the majority of the population.

Number Eleven: Cubs Stick Close By

Instead of leaving their cubs at a young age, a female lion will care for her offspring for two to three years after they are born. They begin hunting at around 11 months but can still be prone to bigger prey like hyenas or leopards.

Number Ten: They Have Population Power

Though the lion population has decreased quite a bit since the 1950s, its numbers are still large. Lions are the second largest living feline, second only to tigers.

Number Nine: Females Do A Lot of Work

If you want to see a hard worker, look no further than the female lion. She does most of the hunting and then raises the cubs. We are not done sharing a few facts about lions, so stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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