LinkedIn: 15 Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Our part one article with the first seven tips and tricks you didn’t know about LinkedIn introduced you to professional social media, and now it’s time to get you started! We have all of the exclusive details in navigating this potentially intimidating site; all you have to do is read along to discover the final top eight tips and tricks you didn’t know about LinkedIn!

Number Eight: The Endorsement Game

Many users have encountered trouble with the endorsements placed on their profile by other users, but this feature is completely customizable. Under the “Edit Profile” section, the site offers a feature in which you can hide endorsements that you don’t approve of.

Number Seven: The Activity Off-Switch

Another potentially obnoxious feature of the site is the constant update of activity broadcasts. Whenever changes or recommendations are made (or really any action is taken on the site), the platform is designed to automatically inform your connections. This can become a bit annoying to your followers, but luckily the option can be easily turned off under “Privacy Controls” in the “Settings” section.

Number Six: Under the Radar

If so desired, it is possible for users to go “anonymous” at any given time. This is likely not to the advantage of most users, who want to get noticed, but is exceptionally useful for companies who like to search for potential employees and competitors under the radar.

Number Five: Making the Most of Your Connections

For the sake of organization in all aspects of a professional’s life, LinkedIn offers a helpful little feature for exporting connections. The platform gives users the option to send all of the contact information of these connections to a handy Excel spreadsheet.

Number Four: Making Connections

Thanks to this revolutionary website, it is possible for otherwise estranged professionals to obtain bonds with others across the globe; there is no limit to the possibilities of global, online networking. Many people achieve career success by simply adding connections with like interests in groups.

Number Three: Viewers Viewing

The site feature that alerts users of the various other profiles that were viewed by people who viewed their profile can be a bit redundant, which is why the option is able to be turned off. To rid your notifications of the excess information, setting changes can be made under “Privacy Controls”.

Number Two: The Mass Message

If you find yourself sending a large number of the same message to multiple connections, the site provides an option to send a single message to as many as 50 recipients. To do this, simply add multiple connections to the message. However, you may want to consider checking the box that prevents recipients from seeing who else the message was sent to.

Number One: The Key to Success on LinkedIn

The overall key to success in using LinkedIn lies in the responsibility of the user to keep their account active. The best business results are found by users who constantly update their information, create or pass on articles, and actively participate in groups to get noticed for their professional capabilities. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 15 tips and tricks you didn’t know about LinkedIn!

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