LG: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Electronics Company




LG has become one of the world’s top phone manufacturers in the modern day, and we have finally come to give you all of the details about what makes them so great! Whether you have an LG phone or not, you will definitely want to touch up on these surprising facts to see everything that this line of products has to offer!

Number Eight: The LG Company

The LG company was first formed in 1947 and is responsible for manufacturing more than just phones. In addition to your essential portable devices, this company is a world leader in technology, electronics, communications, and appliances. Their business is focused on five areas of expertise: home-entertainment mobile communications, air conditioning, business solutions, and home appliances.

Number Seven: The Name Meaning

The brand title “LG” has become a household acronym, though there is some trouble in deciphering what it is meant to stand for. In modern marketing, the letters have been introduced to stand for “Life’s Good.” However, when the company evolved in 1995, they changed the name from Gold Star Electronics to “LG,” meant to stand for “Lucky Gold.”

Number Six: Stepping Up

Oddly enough, most consumers are unaware of how much this company has had to do with the evolution of today’s modern technology. The smartphone would have never quite been the same without the work of this company, as they were the first to introduce touch-screen technology.

Number Five: The Banana Phone

It may sound like a joke, but this company actually released a line of phone products after using a banana as inspiration. This particular model is a mobile phone with stronger curves so it is easier to hold in your hand and against your cheek.

Number Four: Joining the Ranks

Since the year 2009, the LG company has reached and maintained the prestigious title of the number three mobile phone manufacturer in the whole world. Additionally, they have also risen to accept the title of second leading producer of television sets.

Number Three: Korean Roots

In 1947, LG was born in Korea. The electronics division of this primarily Korean company, then Lak-Hui, became famous for their radios when they were shipped across the world. Thus, new LG products were introduced into the U.S (like refrigerators, televisions, and air conditioners).

Number Two: LG on a Mission

The company embraces the new perception of the slogan to mean “Life’s Good” because they feel that it accurately describes what the company stands for. Above all, the company claims to value global connections, humanity, technology, energy, and the potential of tomorrow as their corporation’s pillars.

Number One: Social Obligations

The LG company proudly embraces giving back to their community. They take part in a wide array of social contributions, including causes for global issues, environmental protection, economic advancement, and mainly people who strive to follow their dreams. We hope you enjoyed learning the eight surprising things that you didn’t know about LG!

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