Lawsuits: Top 10 Hilarious Winning Cases (Part 2)



Our first set of five hilarious lawsuits that actually prevailed in court from part one left you confused and questioning the sanity of humanity. Now, we have returned to show you the most hilarious lawsuits of the bunch! Read about these crazy “victims” that were ultimately the cause of their own demise, and still got a ridiculous paycheck out of the situation!

Number Five: Terrence Dickson. When crimes go wrong, it can get pretty entertaining. For example, this Pennsylvanian man had just robbed a local home and was in progress of exiting through the garage. However, after the automatic garage door opener broke, he was stuck for over a week, surviving only on dog food and a 12-pack of Pepsi. After he was freed, he sued the insurance company of the home for $500,000 worth of “mental anguish”, and won.

Number Four: Jerry Williams. Jerry Williams had sued his neighbors after he was bitten on his buttocks by their pet beagle. The beagle was rightly chained and on the property of the owners, although Williams still received $14,500 and the cost of medical treatment for his injury. Still quite a bit of money, the settlement was not as much as he had expected. Though he should have expected the dog to attack him after he had hopped his fence and repeatedly shot the dog with a pellet gun.

Number Three: Amber Carson. This young woman from Pennsylvania sued a fast food restaurant for a whopping $113,000. In this case, Carson had slipped and fallen on a soft drink spilled across the floor, after she herself had thrown it on her boyfriend after an argument. Although technically her own fault, she gained quite the settlement from the restaurant for her broken tailbone.

Number Two: Kara Walton. In order to avoid the charge of a $3 admittance fee to a night club, Kara Walton decided to attempt to climb into the club through the bathroom window. After falling to the floor, Walton had knocked out her two front teeth. She then sued the nightclub, which was ordered to pay her $12,000 in addition to dental charges.

Number One: Merv Grazinski. This Oklahoma patron had just purchased a brand new Winnebago motorhome. While on the highway, the new owner had fixed the vehicle to cruise control at 70 miles per hour and walked to the back to get herself a snack. Not surprisingly, the woman crashed and sued Winnebago for not specifying that cruise control required the driver to be at the wheel. She received about $1.75 million dollars for this incident, and Winnebago made some changes to their manual.

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