Lawsuits: Top 10 Hilarious Winning Cases (Part 1)



The legal system is not a process to be played with, however, this particular set of the top ten most hilarious lawsuits might make you second guess that! Whether these 10 lawsuits were originally a joke or just the nonsense that ensued from some crazy people, when they had their day in court, these cases actually won! Read on to explore these crazy, hilarious lawsuits, and their wins became possible. Be sure to come back for our part two article, where we show you the most hilarious top five of the whole bunch!

Number Ten: Jian Feng. Upon discovering that his wife’s good looks were a result of plastic surgery, Jian Feng actually divorced his wife. After giving birth to what he had called “an extremely ugly baby girl”, Feng’s initial thought was that his wife had cheated on him, as there was no way he believed an attractive couple such as the two could produce the girl. After divorcing her, he sued his former wife for leading him to believe she was naturally gifted with her beauty. He sued her for an estimated $120,000 and won the case.

Number Nine: Gordon Falker and Gregory Roach. During a job one day in Ohio, two carpet layers by the names of Gordon Falker and Gregory Roach experienced intense burns after an explosive incident. A 3.5-gallon jug of carpet adhesive ignited when the water heater it was sitting next to turned on. Convinced that the warning label did not adequately warn them of the adhesive’s flammability, the two men sued the manufacturers. They got about $9 million out of the deal.

Number Eight: Karen Norman. This 23-year-old woman decided it was a good idea to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. After backing her car into a lake, the intoxicated Karen Norman was unable to unbuckle her seatbelt and drowned. Normans parents then sued the makers of the car, Honda, for making a seatbelt that their drunk daughter could not operate underwater. Honda was found 75% responsible for the death and settled the lawsuit with a cool $63 million to Norman’s parents.

Number Seven: Kathleen Robertson. This Texas resident had sued the owners of a furniture store when she broke her ankle after tripping over a boy running around the store. Oddly enough, the boy was her own son. However coincidental it may seem, Robertson still won the case and received $80,000 for her suffering.

Number Six: Carl Truman. At the age of only 19 years, young Truman was given quite a shock while trying to steal his neighbor’s hubcaps. Perched down on the ground beside the vehicle, Truman didn’t notice that there was actually a person at the wheel of the car. As it pulled away, Truman’s hand was crushed by the tire. Oddly enough, the teen received a $75,000 settlement in addition to the covering of his medical costs.

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