Lavazza: 7 Things Every Coffee Lover Should Know



Lavazza has been cultivating the perfect cup of coffee for over a century now, and it’s high time they got some recognition. If your morning coffee game lacks that special spark you have been craving, it’s time to toss the Folgers aside and splurge for the fine things in life. Read on to discover the Lavazza story, and how a simple switch could change your mornings!

Number Seven: Greatness Through History

Luigi Lavazza was a revolutionary entrepreneur dedicated to developing the fine art of coffee that we appreciate to this day. The man began his journey in perfecting espresso as early as 1895 and made it into a family endeavor. By 1927, the small grocery shop evolved into a booming business, much to the aid of Lavazza incorporating the use of Pergamin, a revolutionary packing material that aiding in preserving the fragrance of his fine coffee. By 1957, their first roasting headquarters were constructed in Italy, and business boomed from then on.

Number Six: Care in Each Cup

The company prides itself on creating a traditional blend of multicultural and authentic espresso. Having been passed through generations of the family, they still accomplish the same perfected taste in each cup brewed today. Lavazza has accomplished a modern technique in preserving the delicate aspects of espresso, embracing the four essential qualities that each serving should maintain: intense aromatic scents, a lavish and dense body, thick and perfectly hued crema, and a flavor profile balanced with bitterness, acidity, saltiness, and sweetness.

Number Five: Modernizing the Company

Though the first cup of Lavazza espresso was brewed with a primal steel press brewing machine, modern times have further evolved the technique. To keep up with the modern demands, the company has teamed up with Keurig to produce a unique single-serve brewer designed specifically for their luxurious espresso. To complement the Lavazza BLUE system, they have also produced an extensive line of pod cups to ensure the perfect espresso shot in every cup.

Number Four: Feeding the Planet

In addition to dedicating the company to producing quality coffee, they have also devoted a great deal of effort to embrace moral obligations. The company has teamed up with Slow Food to create a project deemed “From Father to Son”. This project has been dedicated to producing a “food culture based on quality and sustainability” since 1996. The team is responsible for a number of international projects aimed at supporting small communities and growers. For the second year in a row, they are releasing their fundraising calendar titled Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet.

Number Three: The Restaurant Game

In addition to creating an elegant cup of coffee, Lavazza has developed an array of haute cuisine dining destinations. Unfortunately, all locations reside in Europe for the time being. In their unique line of restaurants, Lavazza has created a fine dining experience focused on embracing the gastronomic sciences in cuisine. This venture first began in 1996 but has gained popularity since 2002 when celebrity chef Ferran Adrià endorsed (and created) a line of their unique menu options.

Number Two: The Lavazza Loyalty Program

If you are a dedicated fan of the line of products Lavazza has to offer, we highly recommend signing up for their loyalty program. This rewards program is aimed at thanking the extensive fan base of the company for contributing to their success. Regular customers may enjoy the benefits of their qualifying purchases towards gift cards, and who doesn’t love free coffee?

Number One: The Best Way to Enjoy Lavazza

In all of the company’s history, the most revolutionary creation has arguably been their edible espresso cup. You heard me right, folks, you can have your coffee and eat it too. The unique design features a layer of either vanilla or chocolate icing inside of an Italian cookie cup, specially cultivated to sweeten your espresso as you sip. Once you discover the sweet and luxurious benefits of this snack, your morning routine will be changed for good! We hope you enjoyed reading the seven things that every coffee lover should know about Lavazza!

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