Lance Armstrong: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Lance Armstrong, the prominent and competitive cyclist is known for his 1993 Elite Men’s Road Race World Champion, his Tour de France wins and his cancer foundation. However there are some interesting facts you may not know about Lance Armstrong. Stick around to learn more about this father, party-man and athlete.

Number Fifteen: He Has His Own Asteroid

In 1994 and asteroid called JE9 was named 12373 Lancearmstrong in honor of the cyclist. Now we can all point to the sky and know he’s out there.

Number Fourteen: He Dated One of The Twins From Full House

After Lance Armstrong’s divorce, and before getting serious with his current partner, Lance had a streak of partying and dating. Among his dating partners where Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson and Ashley Olsen, whom at the time was 15 years younger than him.

Number Thirteen:  He Earned the Nickname Texas Bull

In one of Lance’s first race with the national team, his coach instructed him to pace himself and remain with the pack. Lance ignored him, cycling full force ahead. He finished in 11th place, best ever at the time for an American. It was then, he was given the nickname, Texas Bull.

Number Twelve:  Lance Armstrong and George W. Bush Are Friends

Lance Armstrong and former President George W. Bush were publicly announced as friends. Armstrong stated to the media, in so many words; Bush is a personal friend and we all have the right to disagree with our friends.

Number Eleven: His Education Did Not Exceed High School

Lance was busy cycling before and after school. His focus was so concentrated on cycling he traveled for international races and his High School would not excuse his absences. Determined to graduate from High School, his mother found a private school that would let him transfer. He graduated on time, in 1989. His education stopped there as he was soon asked to join the U.S. National Team.

Number Ten: His Partner Took The Wrap For Him

In late 2014 Armstrong committed a hit-and-run where police records indicated he hit two parked cars after a night of partying in Colorado. His current partner, Anna Hansen, later revealed she agreed to lie for him and take the blame so he wouldn’t gain negative media attention. That’s love.

Number Nine: He Use to Lie About His Age

Lance tried to enter as many triathlons as he could. This streak started at age 15. However he was still too young to participate. He often lied about his age in order to qualify. Stay tuned for part two of this interesting article!

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