KTU: 6 Little-Known Facts About the Radio Station




For more than 40 years, the KTU name has been the “beat of New York,” offering the freshest dance music and staying on top of the curve with new artists. First hitting the airwaves in 1975 at the 92.3 FM signal, it rose to the number one station in the market in the span of 10 years. After moving to the 103.5 signal, where it stays to this day, it immediately became number one again, something no other station has ever done outright. Read on to find out more about KTU and its long history and importance within New York’s dance music and radio scenes.

Number Six: There Was No KTU from 1985 to 1996

From 1975 until 1985, the station could be found at 92.3 on the dial. In 1985, Infinity decided to change formats and turn 92.3 into a rock music station, K-Rock, which meant no more KTU. The station was brought back by Evergreen Media in 1996, taking over WYNY, which was at the time playing country music.

Number Five: They Used to Broadcast from Studio 54

When KTU was still at 92.3, they were broadcasting live from Studio 54 every week. Hosted by “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi, “Studio 54 Clubhouse” featured the latest artists in freestyle music, Saturdays from 7 PM to 10 PM. The station also compiled an album of songs from the club’s heyday, called Last Dance at Studio 54.

Number Four: Whoopi Goldberg Was the Morning DJ for a Year

In 2006, Whoopi Goldberg had a syndicated morning show with Paul “Cubby” Bryant as her co-host, with KTU being its flagship station. The relationship with the station was short-lived, however. In 2007, the show was cancelled due to Goldberg’s commitment to The View and the poor reception the show had. Cubby ended up taking over the morning show and is still there to this day.

Number Three: The First Era Ended Right Before ‘Live Aid’

KTU signed off of 92.3 FM on July 13, 1985, the same day as the global Live Aid concerts. Playing their final song, Tina Turner’s “Let’s Stay Together,” just before midnight, it was followed by a station tag and K-Rock’s first song, “Long Live Rock” by The Who. It was a soft launch, however, since later in the day they interrupted programming for the live broadcast of the Live Aid concerts.

Number Two: They Are Responsible for the Popularity of the ‘Macarena’

In 1996, a dance sensation swept the nation and it was called “The Macarena.” Though the original, all Spanish version of the Los Del Rio song was a hit in Latin America, it wasn’t added to the U.S. airwaves until it was remixed with English lyrics. KTU’s rotation of the Bayside Boys Mix of the single drove the song to massive popularity and a long life at Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties for the rest of eternity.

Number One: They Have a Short Signal

In some parts of New Jersey, KTU’s 103.5 signal is hard to find. This is because there are stations located directly on both sides of it. Princeton University owns the 103.3 FM signal, making it difficult to hear it in central New Jersey. Even odder, though, is that fellow iHeartRadio station WNNJ holds the 103.7 signal, making it difficult to hear in western New Jersey. Thank you for reading our list of six interesting facts about KTU. We hope you enjoyed it!

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