Kitten Named ‘Survivor’ Clings On To Owner In Viral Photo After Hurricane Florence Leave North Carolina Devastated



In every natural disaster, stories of heroes emerge from the floodwaters. That’s exactly what has happened countless times during the aftermath of North Carolina’s Hurricane Florence. A man named Robert Simmons Jr. made headlines for fleeing his home with his trusty kitten literally perched on his shoulder. The photograph of the unusual pair made worldwide headlines and the tiny Survivor is a viral sensation.

12. Survivor the Kitten

Image: News and Observer

Nothing gets the internet’s attention like a good kitten photo. For a kitten named Survivor, that was doubly true, since the little kitty was forced to leave home with his human father, Robert Simmons Jr. Hurricane Florence had weakened by the time it made landfall, but it still brought with it terrible floodwaters, prompting people like Simmons to flee their homes in boats, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

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