King Eider: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



The King Eider is an extraordinary water duck which lives in icy tundra landscapes. These animals are so intriguing, beautiful, and unique. Here are most facts about these birds that many people don’t know.

Number Eight: The Babies Get Their Own Food

Mothers around the world have to take care of their young-lings, and mostly because they can’t take care of themselves. Apparently, the King Eider babies don’t need this sort of attention, because they get their own food. Up until they “move out” they only received physical protection from their parents, but everything else is pretty much up to them.

Number Seven: They’re Amazingly Large

Out of all the sea ducks to exist in the world, the King Eider is the largest. They often measure at around 22 inches, which is truly huge for an animal like this.

Number Six: They’re Loners

Despite the fact that the King Eider travels in huge groups, they don’t mingle much with other types of bird species. In fact, they avoid other types of birds as much as possible.

Number Five: They Never Really Settle

Unlike some birds, the┬áKing Eider is a completely migratory bird, which means that it doesn’t ever really settle. It keeps moving from one area to the next, only stopping in certain circumstances (such as breeding).

Number Four: Threatened By Oil

More and more these days, wildlife is threatened as a result of human practices. For the last ten years, increased numbers of oil spills have made it harder for these animals to survive. Although they are not yet endangered, it is not a far stretch to say that they might be in the future.

Number Three: They Have a Very Loud Call

People who live in northern regions such as Greenland and Russia probably┬áhave heard this bird, and this has to do with its extremely loud call. The male King Eider makes a low “croo” sound which can be heard for miles.

Number Two: The King Eider Eats Favorites

All animals have the sorts of foods they frequently consume, which is a fact that remains the same for the King Eider. Having stated this, the King Eider has been known to get more enthusiastic about the crustaceans it eats. Sailors have seen these birds become crazed when they see these creatures, especially when competing for the same bite.

Number One: They’re Extensive

Many birds migrate: this much is true. And yet, the King Eider is even more impressive. These birds have been known to travel more ground than any other type of bird, which really is something.

These ocean birds are quite fascinating and unique. Certainly, more people should be talking about these wondrous beings!

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