KFC: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Colonel Sanders




Colonel Sanders was an innovative man with a passion for KFC and life. He made lots of mistakes but also had amazing success – read on for very interesting facts about Colonel Sanders. You might be surprised by what you learn!

Number Eight: Colonel Sanders Was A Real Person

Perhaps we all went through a childhood phase of thinking he was a cartoon character, but in fact, Colonel Sanders was a real man! He branded himself as a southern gent, wore white suits, and dyed his beard white to give himself a refined, genteel and otherworldly appearance, but yes, he really existed!

Number Seven: He Experienced A Lot Of Failure In His Life

Before hitting it big with KFC, he failed in many businesses including as a lawyer and salesman. He had tried his hand in selling insurance, lamps and tires. Apparently, he was very good at making bad business deals! Later on, as company spokesperson for KFC, he was known to say things that most would probably regret.

Number Six: He Once Shot Someone To Save KFC

In the beginning, he sold his fried chicken out of a gas station along with ham and steak. The owner of a neighboring gas station took offense at a large sign Colonel Sanders had put up directing local traffic into his own gas station, and Colonel Sander’s neighbor angrily painted over the sign! Now becoming furious himself, Colonel Sanders threatened his neighbor and painted over the sign once again. Colonel Sanders grabbed reinforcements and prepared for battle with his neighbor. Unfortunately, his neighbor attempted to paint over Colonel Sander’s sign again and in the process got himself shot by no one other than Colonel Sanders! Yes, Colonel Sanders shot his neighbor in the shoulder to protect what would become the international brand, KFC.

Number Five: Colonel Sanders Was A Womanizer

Colonel Sanders was a notorious womanizer. He cheated for a long time on his first wife who bore three of his children with a waitress from his first restaurant. He later divorced and married the waitress he was cheating with. Although his second wife helped him build up his brand, that wasn’t enough for him to remain sexually loyal. Throughout his life, he was prone to sexually harassing the women around him by grabbing at them and making inappropriate sexual comments.

Number Four: He Felt Ripped Off After His Sold Company Went Public

Colonel Sanders sold KFC for two million dollars when he was 75 years old. He also received a salary for remaining the face of the brand. However, when the company went public, shareholders made millions of dollars and Colonel Sanders felt ripped off. He thought he had been tricked into giving up his business.

Number Three: He Wanted To Sue KFC For $122 Million

After selling KFC, Colonel Sanders tried opening up a restaurant and selling his original chicken recipe again. When KFC prevented him from doing this, he tried suing them for $122 million. Colonel Sanders received a one million dollar settlement out-of-court with a promise to stop embarrassing KFC.

Number Two: He Made Claims That KFC Stopped Using His Original Recipe

Although Colonel Sanders claimed that KFC stopped using his original chicken recipe, his claim is hard to prove because KFC’s original chicken recipe is heavily guarded and locked in a vault. We do know its 11 secret ingredients and most likely never will.

Number One: He Disliked The KFC Menu In His Final Years

Colonel Sanders died at the age of 90. Some time before his death, he dismissed KFC’s menu, particularly the gravy, and made derogatory comments about it. Colonel Saunders was certainly an interesting person – he had passion, creativity and a delicious idea he believed in. Thanks for reading!

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