Kate Spade: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)



AP/Bebeto Matthews
AP/Bebeto Matthews

Kate Spade is not just the a designer handbag company that was founded in 1993. It also began with the humble and stylistic ideas of a young girl from Kansas City. Now read on to part two of our article!

Number Nine: The Most Giveaways Ever

Kate Spade giveaways are popping up everywhere and seem to be taking over the giveaway market. She definitely surpasses her competition in this category. Personal Blogs, Online Boutiques, Retail Coupon Sites and even start-up Fashion Websites offer chances to win Kate Spade Giveaways.

Number Eight: She Lives Colorfully

In 2013, Spade introduced her fragrance Live Colorfully. It was made in-house and marks the 20th anniversary of the brand. All of her fragrance products sold are packaged and have a card that provides a description of Kate and Andy’s journey.

Number Seven: Kate Spade’s First Job Was for A Classic Woman’s Magazine

Kate Spade went to NY and worked for the accessories department of Mademoiselle, where she was credited as the magazine’s editor with her maiden name. Mademoiselle is a woman’s fashion magazine that was first published in 1935.

Number Six: She Has A Prominent Men’s Line Thanks to Her Husband

Kate’s husband is the main man in charge of the complimentary items of Spade’s men line. The line is called Jack Spade. This is a fictional name and represents many of the items in her line.

Number Five: Kate Spade Had A Conservative Childhood

Even though some of her latest trends remained polished, they are increasingly flamboyant with handbags of cupcakes, polar bears, champagne bottles and more. She wasn’t so  outlandish in her childhood though. Kate went to an all girls Catholic school throughout her grade years.

Number Four: She Has a Special Connection to Christmas

Kate Spade was born Christmas eve in 1962 in Kansas City, CO. Interestingly enough, her middle name is Noel.

Number Three: Another Stylistic Company Assisted in Kate Spade’s Success

In 2007, Kate Spade was acquired by design fashion queen, Liz Claiborne. This just helped Spade’s brand become more of an American Icon with the strong backing of an established company.

Number Two: She Was A Flea Market Shopper

Before and during Kate’s time working at Mademoiselle Magazine, Kate made the rounds in unlikely shops. She would browse at local flea markets and secondhand stores. This gave her motivation to research various styles and fabrics, as well as production costs and ideas.

Number One: From Bag to Brick and Mortar

Kate Spade made her first successful handbag in 1993. Immediately, those in the fashion industry fell in love with her palettes. Three years later, in New York City, she opened her very first shop. A pretty quick turnaround for success! Thanks for reading these interesting facts about Kate Spade’s empire.

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