Kate Spade: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 1)




Kate Spade launched her own line of handbags in1993. The company grew in several retail outlets over the years and today is the forefront of the designer brand Kate Spade New York specializing in handbags and fashion. Yet, there are more facts to know about Kate Spade beyond the handbags.

Number Fifteen: Her Real Name Is Not Kate Spade

Kate Spade was actually born Katherine Noel Brosnahan, in Kansas City, MO. Even before she married her husband Andy Spade, she went by Kate Valentine.

Number Fourteen: She Sold Her Company

Kate Spade sold the business to the Neiman Marcus Group in 1999. She and her husband Andy sold 56 percent of the two companies to Neiman Marcus for $34 million. However Kate remained the creative-direct part the company and is still active within the brand.

Number Thirteen: It’s All In The “P”

Many times it’s hard to tell if a bag is real if it’s 100 percent leather and the label is identical to authentic label. However, by closely looking at a Kate Spade label you can. Her printed letters are always lowercase. If you see a capital “p” which gets thrown into the fake labels and is hard to detect in small print, then you know it’s not from her line.

Number Twelve: Kate Spade’s First Shop Was Humble NYC Abode

Kate Spade opened her first boutique in 1996. It was 400-square-foot and located in Manhattan’s SoHo district. It eventually moved to the headquarters on West 25th Street, which is now more than 10,000-square-feet.

Number Eleven: Her Niece Is A Famous Actress

Kate Spade’s Niece is known for her part in the TV Series, House of Cards. Her niece, 25- year old Rachel Brosnahan was also in the films Beautiful Creatures and The Unborn.

Number Ten: She Supports Women in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

She¬†participates in an organization called Women for Women International. The goal of the organization’s is to create a better life for women in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Rwanda and Kosovo, by speaking out and helping women from these countries in need.

Number Nine: She Gives Students A Break

If you’re a student you get a discount. All you have to do is show your student ID and you receive 15 percent off an in-store purchase. Solid respect for students Kate! Stick around for part two of this article.

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