Kale: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Kale is such a powerful food to eat that more people should definitely be consuming. It’s more prevalent in markets and in society, and still, a lot of people don’t know much about it. Here are more fun facts about the plant that most people aren’t aware of.

Number Eight: It Hides Its Bitterness Well

Although kale is often known to some people as a very bitter plant, the kind of bitter it is scientifically able to be covered. Unless you fall into the category of being a “super taster”, where bitter flavors are always enhanced, it should be otherwise easy to slip one or two stalks into your blender and still get its benefits without the taste (if that’s not your thing).

Number Seven:┬áIt’s Been Around for a Long Time

Although kale is getting a lot of popularity in this day and age, it’s been around for quite a long time. In fact, humans have been consuming it for over 2,000 years!

Number Six: It Fights Cancer

Like all fruits and vegetables, kale is an amazing cancer-fighter. One of the reasons why it does this is because of fiber, which cleans out the colon of certain things that could lead to bowel cancers. Another reason why this happens is because of the fact that its an alkaline food. Alkaline foods lower the acidity in a body: no cancer can live in an alkaline body.

Number Five: Frosty Kale Is The Best

Growers suggest that kale should be picked right after the first frost. Supposedly, when its picked at this time, it tastes the best because it’s more sugary than starchy.

Number Four: It Doesn’t Have to be Green

Not many people know this, but kale certainly doesn’t have to be green. There are purple variations as well, which supposedly taste different.

Number Three: It Has Way More Vitamin C Than an Orange

Oranges are touted as being the perfect source of vitamin c, but there are some things which have more of it. One of them includes strawberries, which have 84.7 mg per cup, and the other is kale, which has 80.4 mg a cup. Oranges only have 51.1.

Number Two: Kalettes Are a Thing

Kale and Brussels sprouts have been combined to form something known as kalettes, which supposedly looks like tiny cabbages. Interestingly enough, they have a nutty taste.

Number One: Americans Don’t Have Enough of It

Despite all of its benefits, the average American only has two to three cups of the stuff every year. That should really change in the future if our national health is to improve. Kale is a wonderful vegetable that really should be consumed more. It’s a good thing that it’s getting more limelight. Thanks for reading!

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