Julia Roberts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




Julia Roberts is one of the best paid and most known actresses of our time. She’s touched the live of many with her smiles and wit on camera. Here are some facts about the woman that many people don’t know. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: She Was a Musician

When Julia Roberts was in school, she played in the school band. Her instrument: the clarinet. She was really good too!

Number Fourteen: Her First Career Dreams Were Quite Different

Before finding her niche in the acting world, Julia was first interested in becoming something else first. When she was young, she wanted to first become a veterinarian. It seems like that would have been a noble career, had she went down that path.

Number Thirteen: She Could Have Been Annie

No, we don’t mean Annie from the Broadway musical. Julia Roberts could have been cast as Sleepless in Seattle‘s Annie. She could have had that romantic scene with Tom Hanks on the Empire State building! But, she turned it down for Meg Ryan to take.

Number Twelve: Julia Roberts Had a Strange Habit as a Child

When Julia Roberts was young, she did one very strange thing. Instead of clipping her toenails with a clipper, she bit them off! When she was interviewed about it, she mentioned that she was a flexible individual.

Number Eleven: Her Makeup Routine is On Point

Julia Roberts does something unique when it comes time for her to have her makeup applied. She lies on her back in order to gain a relaxed look. It’s a technique more actresses should consider using!

Number Ten: She Knits

In between takes, this actress knits. She loves it as a hobby and as a way to stay relaxed while filming. She even gives her creations to family members.

Number Nine: She Had a Difficult Pregnancy

When Julia gave birth to her twins about ten years ago, the actress had a difficult pregnancy. She had to have a C-section 8 days before their natural birth date.

There’s a lot more to know that most people don’t about Julia Roberts. Stay tuned for the second part of this article, which should be here soon!

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