Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her roles as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld and Selina Meyer in Veep, is regarded as the funniest woman on American television. You have seen her a million times on TV, but, how much do you really know about her? Take a look at our remaining seven little-known facts about the actress!

Number Seven: She Inspired ’30 Rock’

Tina Fey cites Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the biggest inspiration for her character in the comedy show 30 Rock. Dreyfus did a guest appearance in Tina’s show in 2010.

Number Six: Gerald Ford’s Daughter Went to School with Her

Coming from a wealthy family, Julia went to an elite school while living in Washington D.C. Ex-President Gerald Ford’s daughter, Susan Ford, went to the same school. Dreyfus explained they had Secret Service on campus and Ford’s prom was held at the White House.

Number Five: She Loves Going on Adventures

Dreyfus says the best way to make her long-term relationship work is by going on adventures with her husband. The couple travels around the world all the time and they practice several adventure sports, such river rafting, hiking, and skiing. Dreyfus hikes around the Pacific Palisades at least four times a week.

Number Four: Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Star Typo

Dreyfus got her Hollywood’s Walk of Fame star in 2010. Unfortunately, her name was misspelled and had to be replaced—it read Luis instead of Louis! Julia just laughed it off: “The misspelling was so perfectly apt, a great metaphor for show business. Right when you think you’ve made it, you get knocked down.”

Number Three: She Wasn’t Meant to Be on ‘Seinfeld’

Julia’s appearance on the show that launched her into stardom was completely fortuity. Seinfeld was all planned out without her, but NBC executives thought the pilot episode was too male-centric, and picked it up under the condition that a woman was added to the cast. That’s how Dreyfus landed her most celebrated role.

Number Two: She Didn’t Enjoy ‘Saturday Night Live’

Dreyfus made history as the youngest person to ever host Saturday Night Live. She was a cast member of the show for three years (1982-1985.) The actress recently confessed she was “miserable” working there, claiming she was very inexperienced at the time and the show was very “dog-eat-dog”.  “I didn’t know how to work the system at all. Plus, there were a lot of drugs and I didn’t realize everyone was on drugs… I was a little bit naive.”

Number One: She Was Banned From Facebook

Yup. The story goes like this: Julia appears on the cover of The Rolling Stone with the American constitution, wrongfully signed by John Hancock, ‘tattooed’ on her back,  As a joke, Dreyfus posts a picture on Facebook of her baby self with John Hancock’s signature on her bare back. Facebook flags it as inappropriate content and shuts down her account! She got it back a few days later, though. We hope you learned some interesting stuff about America’s comedy queen!

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