Josh Groban: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Josh Groban is a renowned singer who travels the world. He’s loved my many people of all types of backgrounds. Here are more facts about this singer that most people just don’t know.

Number Eight: Josh Groban Has Performed At Many Benefits

One of the awesome things about this singer is the fact he has performed at many benefits. Some of them include “The Andre Agassi Grand Slam Event For Children” and “The Family Celebration”. Many of the benefits in general help towards fighting cancer in the way of research, which is extremely important.

Number Seven: He Made a Recording For Haiti

When the nation needed a lot of help from around the world (in the time of the Earthquake) Josh Groban felt that he could help. He did a specific recording just for the cause in order to bring awareness to the Haitians and their strife.

Number Six: He’s Influenced by a Lot of Artists

Although Josh Groban’s singing style is quite unique, he has an array of artists which have influenced him in his work. Some of these include Freddie Mercury, Radiohead, Paul Simon, Sting, and even Björk.

Number Five: He Hates When People Call His Music Popera

Sometimes, people categorize Groban’s music as popera, which is a combination of pop and opera. The singer hates this term when being used to describe his music because he feels as if it minimizes it and his efforts.

Number Four: He’s Beautiful on an Official Level

There are many reasons to land on People’s “100 Most Beautiful People” list, and Josh Groban fulfills a number of them. It was the year of 2008 when he became recognized as one of these people.

Number Three: He’s Dating an Unexpected Celebrity

Many people who are a fan of this singer may assume that he is as elevated and formal as his singing. It is for this reason that it may come as a surprise to many that he is dating comedian Kat Dennings. They’ve been a couple since 2014.

Number Two: He Flies Planes

Social media has its interesting ways of letting normal people in the lives of celebrities. On Josh Groban’s twitter account, he’s stated that he flies planes. Even more, there are a number of pictures to prove it!

Number One: He Invented the Shelfie

One of the most normal internet phenomena that is occurring in today’s world is the “selfie”. Most people know what that is, however, what they don’t know is the “shelfie”. Josh Groban made up the shelfie: what would be a selfie for a shelf. It is quite humorous.

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