Joseph Stalin: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Recently we brought you part one of this article to help you learn a little more about the important historical figure, Joseph Stalin. He undoubtedly had a huge impact on the course of the world. Now we’re back with part two.

Number Eight: As a Boy, Joseph Stalin Had Dreams of Being a Priest

Is it possible that someone who would later go on to enforce atheistic views on unwilling people and close every church in Russia could once have wished to be a priest? Yes, it is. As a teenager, he even joined an Orthodox Seminary.

Number Seven: He Dropped Out of School

His aspirations for priesthood didn’t last long. Some say it was due to his parents not being able to pay the tuition. His mother claims it was because the boy fell ill, and still others assert that it was because he began questioning religion and leaning toward more political, non-religious ideals.

Number Six: He Was Shorter Than Most People Realize

Standing at only 5’4, he couldn’t have been a very imposing figure in person. He definitely made up for that in other ways, though, with his strict political agenda and ruthless policies.

Number Five: He Was in Alliance with Hitler

Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. Later on, however, this changed when Hitler decided to attack Russia.

Number Four: He Had a Relationship with a 13-Year-Old Girl

He met his younger lover in Siberia. This was something he wished to keep under wraps, but it ended up coming out about eight years later.

Number Three: Stalin Edited Photos of Himself

He was very self-conscious about his facial scars. Any photographs he deemed unflattering were edited by airbrushing.

Number Two: He Had Dreams of Developing an Ape-Human Hybrid

He wished for resilient but easily controllable troops. Allegedly, Stalin contacted Russia’s top animal breeding science wiz, enquiring about his skills for producing a half-human, half-monkey warrior.

Number One: He was Nicknamed Comrade-Index-Card

Supposedly, speaking and writing were not strong skills of Joseph Stalin. For this reason, some of his comrades gave him this unflattering nickname, to undermine his intellectual abilities. We hope you enjoyed part two of our interesting facts about Stalin.

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