Joseph Stalin: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



A name that is often thought of in tandem with “genocide”, Joseph Stalin was a feared leader of the Soviet Union. There are many things about him that are not commonly known, and we are here to tell you about them. Make sure to check back for part two of this article.

Number Fifteen: Joseph Stalin First Worked as a Weatherman

Before becoming a powerful political figure to remain in history books forever, this well-known man had a meager role as a meteorologist. His responsibilities included recording rainfall and atmospheric pressure.

Number Fourteen: He Had a Passion for Movies

Stalin was a big film lover, a surprisingly artsy quality for someone of his reputation and stature. It’s been said that he made sure every place he lived had a private theater inside of it so that he could enjoy this hobby as often as possible.

Number Thirteen: Wine Was One of his Interests

He was not an alcoholic, but rather enjoyed the culture behind the beverage. Appreciating everything about it from the smell to the bottle type, to the unique and subtle hints of flavor, Joseph Stalin was quite the enthusiast.

Number Twelve: He Was Not Originally Called ‘Stalin’

Not many people know that he was originally called “Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili”. He selected the name “Stalin” because it means “Man of steel.” He also may have selected it because it’s easier to pronounce.

Number Eleven: Stalin Was Not Russian

Though many believe he was Russian, it isn’t true. He was born in Gori, Tiflis (modern-day Georgia), which used to be part of the Russian Empire.

Number Ten: He Was Bullied as a Child

When he was only seven years old, he contracted smallpox, which left his face terribly scarred up. He was made fun of ruthlessly for this, earning the nickname “Pocky” by his peers.

Number Nine: He Was a Poet

It may come as a surprise that such a ruthless leader could have a soft side, but it’s true, Stalin was a poet. He published dozens of poems under the pseudonym, “Soselo”. Be sure to return for part two of 15 interesting Stalin facts.

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