Jonas Brothers: 9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know



The Jonas Brothers are a blast from the past that have made their way back to the media headlines, and we are here to give you all the interesting details about their fame. Whether you love them or you hate them, there is so much to learn about this influential band of brothers, which is why we have come to give you the scoop on everything Jonas Brothers!

Number Nine: The First TV Storyline

In the early 2010s, the trio of brothers appeared in their television series on Disney Channel, J.O.N.A.S. While the show mainly focused on how the boys go through their “normal” lives as pop stars, the boys admitted that the first storyline for the show intended the boys to be spies. The name for the series was actually an acronym for Junior Operatives Networking As Spies.

Number Eight: An Addiction to Britney

Like many of the young teenagers that grew up in Britney Spears’ prime, the boys claim to be huge fans of the 2000s pop princess. Joe especially adored her music and told MTV that hers was the first CD he ever purchased.

Number Seven: Inspiration From Movies

The band often got their musical inspiration for films. One of their biggest hits, “Lovebug,” was said to be inspired by Juno. All three of the boys fell in love with the movie, and each added their own elements to the song from their different perceptions of the film.

Number Six: Formation of the Jonas Brothers

Together, the boys have proven to be a sensation among younger listeners. However, they didn’t always plan to become a band. Nick Jonas revealed to his brothers that he planned to pursue a future in music, and their father suggested that they all perform together. The group started out as J3 and was later changed to simply the Jonas Brothers.

Number Five: Disney Affiliation

The brothers owe a lot of their fame to the Disney company, and they have always been huge fans of Disney movies. They first grew in popularity after Disney Channel began playing the music video for their hit “Year 3000,” and their success only grew after Miley Cyrus invited them to guest star in a special episode of Hannah Montana. Even she can’t resist Jonas fever.

Number Four: Odd Collections

When you get to know the boys, you might find that material obsessions run in the family. Joe Jonas has become famous for his extensive shoe collection, owning a growing number of 52 pairs. Similarly, Nick has always had a love for iPods – which is why he owns 14.

Number Three: Alias Kevin Jonas

Most people don’t know this, but Kevin Jonas isn’t exactly the man he claims to be. In fact, his first name isn’t even Kevin. It’s Paul.

Number Two: Across the Nation

The Jonas brothers grow up together in New Jersey, but each of the boys was born in a different state than the others. Kevin was born in their New Jersey hometown, Joe in Arizona, and Nick was born in Texas. They may be young, but they’ve been everywhere!

Number One: Rocking the Cover

Rolling Stone decided to place the Jonas brothers on the cover of their 2008 issue, and it was one of their best business decisions of the decade. That particular issue was one of the company’s highest sellers. We hope you enjoyed learning all nine of our interesting facts you didn’t know about the Jonas Brothers!

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