Join the “subculture” – New Mexcio earthship for sale



I really love earthships. I wrote a whole feature on them that you can check out here. Often, I will search around online to see what’s for sale in the earthship world because my lifelong dream is to someday own one.

This one for sale outside of Taos, New Mexico recently caught my eye.

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Greater World Subculture Earthship for sale” was the headline on the realtor’s website.

“Subculture“? How much more subcultured can you get than living in an underground home made of recycled tires? I had to take a look.

Turns out, the “Greater World Subculture” refers to the fact that this is a grouping of some of the original earthships which were owner-built. The core or soul of the earthship community, if you will.

This particular earthship is listed at $219,000 and it features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Let’s have a look…

On this exterior shot you can see the wind generator and solar panels that power the home:

image from:

Adobe mud on the exterior:

image from:

Warm Saltillo tiles on the floor (to help with passive solar heat absorption)…

image from:

I’m loving this laundry room… even though it is located right in the foyer. (Earthships are so efficient in their use of space.)

image from:

In the bathroom…

That’s quite the view from (or of) the bathtub!

image from:

Here’s a glimpse at part of the kitchen (looks tiny!)…

image from:

I think this is part of the greatroom area (below)… the multiple staircase labyrinths look like they would be fun to explore!

image from:

Looks like painted concrete on the floor.

And check out this Gothic-arched door (probably hand-made)…

image from:

Large lovely ceiling vigas (probably hand-peeled)…

image from:

Yet another type of flooring – diagonal wood – just to mix things up!

To see all the details for this home, check out:

image from:

One thing I always wonder about is where the former owners of earthships go after they sell their earthship… I think it would be difficult – if not impossible – to go back to living in a conventional box-style house after residing in such a unique and organic work of art!

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