Jessica Alba: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Jessica Alba is a gorgeous actress with an interesting past. Many people don’t realize just the sort of things she’s been through. Here are more facts about this woman that a lot of people don’t know.

Number Eight: She’s Tattooed

In films, they usually cover actresses’ tattoos if they have them. This is probably why people haven’t found out that she has a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on the back of her neck.

Number Seven: She Was Kidnapped

In the beginning of her career, Jessica was kidnapped! It begin with telephone threats and ended up with her being in the trunk of a car. Thankfully, she was unharmed when she was found.

Number Six: She Won an Acting Competition

When she was a child, Jessica went to an acting competition in Beverly Hills and won it. From it, she was able to attend to free acting classes given by the competition and was soon rewarded further with an agent who saw something in her.

Number Five: She Was New to Dancing

Anyone who has seen Jessica Alba’s film Honey would assume her dancing was part of the reason why she got hired for the job. The truth is that she was taught on the spot.

Number Four: Her Father Was a Military Man

Because of the fact her father was in the air force, the family often moved. She had said it was both exciting and tiring.

Number Three: She Was in ‘90210’ For a Second

One of the first parts that this actress got was a tiny role in 90210. She briefly came in for an episode as a pregnant teenager.

Number Two: Jessica Alba Met Her Husband On Set

In 2008, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren married. They had met on the set of Fantastic 4 not five years prior.

Number One: She Has Her Own Company

As a mother, Jessica Alba cares a lot about babies. As such, she has founded a company known as The Honest Company. All of their products are safe, eco-friendly, and of grade quality. It is nice to know that she is also an environmentalist as well, at least in a sense.

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