Jennifer Hudson: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our series on actress and singer Jennifer Hudson. Since there is so much more to learn about this amazing entertainer, here are few more facts.

Number Eight: Jennifer Hudson Experienced a Great Personal Tragedy

In October of 2008, Jennifer’s mother Darnell and brother Jason were shot and killed at their home in Chicago. Her nephew, Julian Hudson-King was also kidnapped and later found dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Her brother-in-law Balfour was later arrested for the murders.

Number Seven: She Is Known as the Aretha Franklin of Her Generation

With artists like Aretha Franklin as one of her idols, Hudson learned the power of using your voice. She carries that on since she has become known as the Aretha Franklin of this generation due to her ability to hold deep ranges for long periods of time.

Number Six: She Still Loves Comfort Food

Even after her weight loss, Jennifer still goes for the taste of comfort food when she can. She has traded in some of the higher calorie things though for foods like turkey legs and her new favorite food, vitamuffins, with fat free whipped cream on top.

Number Five: She Has Her Own Holiday

Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley gave Jennifer her own holiday. Jennifer Hudson day is celebrated on March 6 every year.

Number Four: She Had Some Powerful Music Influences

When listening to Jennifer’s voice, there is a distinctive voice all her own. But she has said she was highly influenced by singers like Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, and Aretha Franklin when she was younger.

Number Three: She’s Been Vogued

To be photographed for Vogue is a big enough honor. To be on the cover of the magazine is an even bigger opportunity, though. Jennifer is only one of three other African-American celebrities and actresses to do so.

Number Two: She Has Her Own Star

She may not have a star in the sky, but Jennifer does have one on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She received this honor 2013.

Number One: She Worked at Burger King

Jennifer Hudson started out like the rest of us, working in places like Burger King and a Disney cruise ship. Even these humble beginnings didn’t keep her from going after what she really wanted. Thanks so much for reading our facts on Jennifer Hudson!

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