Jeb Bush: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you probably did not know about Jeb Bush,¬†and now we’re back with part two! Check out eight more fascinating facts about the polarizing politician and brother to George W. Bush that you definitely (probably) did not know below. You might be surprised by what you find out!

Number Eight: He’s Viewed Differently by Floridians and the GOP

Though many citizens of Florida would classify Bush – while the governor of Florida – to be quite conservative, there are many GOP activists who would beg to differ. There are several reasons for this. The Republican Party is now more conservative than it once was, so the GOP activists classifying him as a moderate doesn’t necessarily mean his ideals have changed.

Number Seven: His Mom Doesn’t Want Him to Be President

It’s true! Bush’s mom, the former first lady Barbara Bush, thinks her son shouldn’t be running. In fact, she has said that she would prefer someone else to run.

Number Six: Jeb Bush Met His Wife on a Field Trip

We already mentioned that Bush has a fondness for all things Hispanic, but most people don’t know that he actually met his wife while on a field trip to Mexico in high school. They got married just four years after they met.

Number Five: His Son Shares a Name With His Uncle and Grandfather

Yes, Jeb Bush actually named his son George Bush. Not many people have the distinguished honor (if you can call it that) of saying that they share a name with not one, but two former presidents.

Number Four: He’s in Favor of Immigrant Reform

Though many conservatives are staunchly against immigrant reform, this isn’t true for Bush. The fact that he supports this may also be connected to his ties to Hispanic culture.

Number Three: He Smoked Weed

Bush might be a fun party friend after all! He admitted to experimented with weed in high school, and he also admitted to drinking. Interestingly, he has stated that he’s opposed to the sale of medical marijuana.

Number Two: He Would Be the U.S.’s Second Catholic President

JFK is currently the only Catholic in America’s history. Bush would be the second.

Number One: Ludacris Totally Dissed Him

After Bush met Luda at the Georgia Capitol, Bush asked him which Bush was his favorite. Ludacris responded with, “the one outside.” Poor Jeb. We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Jeb Bush!

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