Japan: 51 Odd Things You Didn’t Know (Part 5)




We really amazed you with our first set of 33 odd things that you didn’t know about Japan, and now we have finally returned with part five! There is so much more to learn about this astounding and unique country, and our list offers the best of the best facts that you never knew! Don’t forget to check back for our last coming article, part six, to see the final top nine odd things that you didn’t know about Japan!

Number Eighteen: Consequences of Suicide

In Japanese culture, suicide risks receive no sympathy whatsoever. The act of suicide is so shamed in the country that if someone were to kill themselves by jumping in front of a train in motion, the family of the fallen citizen would be charged with a fee of disrupting the peace.

Number Seventeen: Samurais in Spain

In a particular town in Spain, there is a population of more than 700 people who share the last name “Japon”. This isn’t a coincidence; these people received their last name from their samurai ancestors who remained in the country after the embassy left in the 17th century.

Number Sixteen: Passing the Plate

Eating disorders are becoming more and more common in the modern age, especially in Japan. This country holds the title of the highest rate of anorexia among its citizens, followed by Argentina.

Number Fifteen: The Real Origin

Sushi is a cuisine known primarily by its Japanese origins; however, salmon was not included in the art until the 1980s. In this decade, Norwegians presented the concept of salmon sushi, and it immediately caught on.

Number Fourteen: Death Row in Japan

While the death penalty is commonly frowned upon across the world, having been done away with by as many as 103 countries, it is still a common penalty for many countries. It is still in practice here in America, as well as in Japan and China.

Number Thirteen: Kitty Got Claws

The procedure of declawing our feline friends is not only permissible in the United States, but it is extremely common and almost seen as necessary. However, as many as 22 countries have completely banned the “mutilation”, including Australia, Finland, Germany, and Japan.

Number Twelve: Nameless Streets

For a country that is so bent on improving the efficiency of transportation, it is utterly mind-boggling to learn that the majority of Japanese streets do not bear a name. How do they give directions?

Number Eleven: The Crying Sumo

Japan has quite a number of odd traditions, one of which involves a couple of sumos and some babies. It seems odd to us, though it is actually quite fun to view a “Crying Sumo” contest in Japan in which two wrestlers race to make a baby cry.

Number Ten: Blackened Meat

If you didn’t already know, the international versions of our favorite fast food restaurants don’t limit their menu options to the ones we see here. In fact, Burger King restaurants in Japan offer an “All-Black Burger”, complete with black buns and black cheese. Don’t forget to check back for our last coming article, part six, to see the final top nine odd things that you didn’t know about Japan!

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