Jamaica: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We brought you part one of this interesting list, but there’s more to share, so I’m glad you came back for the rest of it. Here is part two of fascinating Jamaica facts.

Number Eight: James Bond Came From There

The famous author responsible for creating the well known James Bond stories build his dream home in Jamaica and called it Goldeneye. He wrote ten of the spy thriller novels there.

Number Seven: A Unique Flag

The green, yellow, and black of the country’s flag is one of the only two countries on the planet that do not share any common colors with the United States of America. Mauritania is the other country.

Number Six: The Most Beautiful Women

A lot of countries claim they have the most beautiful ladies, but Jamaica has statistics to back up their claim. Although other countries have won this title a few times, the size of Jamaica makes their accomplishment quite a bit more noteworthy.

Number Five: They Produced Rum Before Other Caribbean Countries

I think most people see the connection with this country¬†and rum. They’re such big fans of this drink that they decided to be the first island in their area to produce it commercially.

Number Four: Jamaica has Over 200 Orchid Species

These flowers are beautiful, and quite rare in many parts of the world. This little nation boasts an astounding 200 species of wild orchids growing on their island, 73 of which are completely unique to the area.

Number Three: The First Caribbean Island to Launch a Website

They were ahead of the game on this one. The great innovators of Jamaica got online in 1994 with their website jamaicatravel.com. Perhaps this played a role in their popular tourism business.

Number Two: They Have a Form of Voodoo

African slaves imported something called Obeahism to Jamaica when they came. The religion deals with spirits bringing luck, good or bad, to people. However, practicing the religion is punishable by death.

Number One: The First Tropical Country to Enter Winter Olympics

Jamaica and Winter Olympics? Seems like a strange mix, but it happened. They entered into a bobsled competition event. They have won many medals, outdone only by the USA. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of interesting Jamaica facts.

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