Jamaica: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




Who hasn’t heard of Jamaica? It’s a well known and quite popular vacation destination in the Caribbean, which most of you know. However, there are lots of facts you weren’t aware of. Here is part one of our list!

Number Fifteen: Jamaica Was the First to Export Bananas

They established a global trade for bananas, introducing the rest of the world to them. Unfortunately, they were outdone by Central America eventually, along with crop disease.

Number Fourteen: Only 2% of Rastafarian People Live in Jamaica

The average person likely assumes that Jamaica is full of Rastafarian people. This is actually not true, only a tiny amount of them actually live there.

Number Thirteen: They Have the Most Churches in the World

They even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for it. They are extremely religious people, and have more churches per capita than any other place on the planet.

Number Twelve: The First Caribbean Nation to Gain Independence

In 1962, Jamaica gained independence from the British Commonwealth. They also had an internal self-governing system years before that, a notable feat.

Number Eleven: Once in a Blue Moon?

The Blue Mountains in this Caribbean nation is covered in what appears to be a blue mist. It’s also been noticed that the moon often appears blue in this area. So it looks like the phrase “Once in a blue moon” does not apply in Jamaica┬ásince it’s not such a rare occurrence.

Number Ten: The First English Speaking Caribbean Team to Qualify for World Cup

Football (better known as soccer to us Americans) is a big past time here. “The Reggae Boyz” is the name of the team that became known to the world for going on to the World Cup finals in France back in ’98.

Number Nine: Politically Decisive

This nation has become known for being able to make important decisions in politics. They were the first country brave enough to impose economic sanctions against the regime of South Africa. We hope you enjoyed the first part of our list of little-known facts about Jamaica. Make sure you check back for part two, coming soon.

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