Itsy, Bitsy Brookside Cottage



I first saw this adorable house on one of my favorite blogs – Tiny House Blog – a few days ago. I was so spellbound that I couldn’t resist showing this cottage some love here at House Crazy!

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Located on Amethyst Brook in Amherst, Massachusetts, this 1940’s storybook cottage found a new owner in 2006. Christopher Stoney was the fated guy who purchased this cozy woodland home and he has been redecorating/renovating it one-room-at-a-time ever since.

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He enthusiastically wrote an article for Tiny House Blog about how he came to own this little gem:

When I visited the house, I felt a sense of recognition. It was as if I were returning to a home I had built for myself in a previous lifetime. In a flurry of negotiations I got the price down to what I could afford, and with the help and advice of a Tarot reader, I overcame some legal hurdles and I became a homeowner.

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I love this guy! “Returning to a home I had built for myself in a previous lifetime”?? What a wonderful way of describing the deep connection between humanity and home.

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I adore Christopher’s decorating style – so homey, cluttered, and unpretentious. (You can actually tell that someone lives here, unlike most of the boring, sterile homes in glossy magazines).

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Personality and artistic touches abound.

And check out the funky staircase that Christopher built himself:

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I can just envision a little gnome-like guy from a past life hopping up those stairs! So cute!

Brookside Cottage is stuffed to the gills with charm and mismatched furniture:

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Quaint and cozy – everything we all yearn for in our “cottage dreams”…

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The two bedrooms upstairs are so minuscule they barely fit into a photograph…

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…but oh, how I can hear the babbling brook below and smell the sweet leafy air through that open window!

The homeowner has done a lot of work on the bathroom but the house retains its original claw-foot tub (not pictured)…

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This tiny home has found its person, that’s for sure.

We always talk about the American Dream of owning our own homes. But Christopher has really hit on something here:

I think it would be closer to the truth to say that this house owns me. Even as I have chosen this house to be my home, I feel that in some sense I have been chosen by this house, and by the woodland spirits that live here, to be its caretaker.     [emphasis mine]

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For additional photos and commentary from the cottage owner, see the original article from Tiny House Blog here.



“I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give.”

– Thomas Jefferson (Third American President 1801-1809, Author of the Declaration of Independence), designer of Monticello House)


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