IHOP: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




IHOP is America’s favorite breakfast restaurant. It is crazy to think that they have been around for more than 50 years. Here are more facts about the franchise you didn’t know.

Number Eight: IHOP’s Twitter Account Got Them in Trouble

IHOP is known is the International House of Pancakes, and they use that worldwide appeal in their tweets. However, once (or twice) the people who ran the account got in trouble for accidentally posting racially insensitive tweets. Since then, they’ve adopted a different sort of voice.

Number Seven: Only One of Their Chains Use Real Syrup

Yes, you heard that right. Out of all the IHOP chains that exist in the world, only one offers real syrup. The location: Vermont’s IHOP. Apparently, they were given special accommodations since the location waited too long to get their own restaurant.

Number Six: You Can Order Risotto

Certainly, this restaurant is known for its breakfast dishes, but they also have some secret recipes only buffs seem to know. Here’s a secret: you can order something called the spinach and asparagus risotto. It’s supposed to be stupendously delicious.

Number Five: That’s a Lot of Fries

One of the restaurant’s top dishes they replenish is rather simple. Every year, this franchise serves more than 12 million pounds of their french fries.

Number Four: If You’re Not a Kid, You Can Still Eat Like One

Many places that have kids menus will deny anyone who tries to order from that menu. However, at IHOP, there is no such restriction. If like something from the menu, you can go right on ahead.

Number Three: Their Omelettes Have Batter in Them

The omelettes at the restaurant aren’t just made of the things that one reads off of the menu. In addition to these items, the cooks also put in batter.

Number Two: That’s a Lot of Calories

Let’s be real: calories are your friend. You only need to worry about them when eating high-fat items, and, well, you’ll find that a lot in IHOP foods. The Appetizer Sampler is 1730 calories, which is almost a person’s whole day’s worth!

Number One: If You Want to be Sung to, You Will

Although not all locations have this, IHOP has places where the waitresses sing to you. They sing some American standard songs for the customers to enjoy at their request.

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