IHOP: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




IHOP is one of America’s most favorite places to have breakfast. Here are some things that the average person does not know about this restaurant. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: They Went Bankrupt

Like many long-lasting companies, IHOP almost went bankrupt during a time where they had to rethink the brand. When this occurred over 30 years ago, the company had to become controlled by SVIDO.

Number Fourteen: There Are Japanese Locations

Despite being widely known as an American brand, IHOP actually has locations open in Japan. The other foreign location that has these restaurants outside of the United States is Canada.

Number Thirteen: The Co-Founder Made Movie Posters

When someone goes to IHOP to enjoy a nice stack of hot pancakes, they’re probably not aware of the fact that the restaurant’s co-founder was a movie poster artist. Albert Kallis, who helped the chain get off the ground, indeed made a living by making these posters. Of of the most known posters is the one he made for the film Return of the Fly.

Number Twelve: They Own Applebee’s

In the last ten years, the people who control IHOP had decided it was time to buy out another franchise. Their restaurant chain of choice: Applebee’s. They bought it out with one billion dollars.

Number Eleven: IHOP Had a Great Vision

When the company began to turn around in the 90s, the leaders of IHOP revealed that they had a great vision for the company. Their goal was to not only get back in the black financially but also become number one in family dining.

Number Ten: One Location Was Bacon-Smelly

New York’s IHOP location once smelled like really nasty bacon. A lot of people complained that it simply smelled rank. Seeing that it’s a completely unhealthy item, IHOP should have taken the cue to take it off. However, all the company did was install a $42,00 odor killing machine. What a way to solve the problem.

Number Nine: Griddle Cakes Weren’t Always on the Menu

Seeing how popular griddle cakes now are, it is hard to imagine a time where they weren’t even on the menu. Griddle cakes had only become a new item that people could order in 1993 when they were introduced. There are many more facts to come. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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