Hugh Jackman: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Hugh Jackman is one of those actors everyone loves. He often portrays rugged thuds on films, but he’s actually a charming sweetheart off-screen. Jackman is not prone to discussing his personal life very often, so there are many things about the actor most people don’t know about. Take a look at these 15 interesting fun facts about Hugh Jackman and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Hugh Jackman Is Short-Sighted

Jackman is “terribly” short-sighted and can’t really see a thing without his contacts. When he hosted the Christmas special of Saturday Night Live in 2001, he had to memorize every line of the script because he couldn’t read the cue cards!

Number Fourteen: He Had a Hard Time Preparing for ‘X-Men’

The actor had to work out insanely to get his Wolverine looks, but that wasn’t the most difficult part of the job for him. Apparently, he didn’t find it easy to channel the right darkness and rage into his character.

Number Thirteen: He Quit His Previous Job for a Creepy Reason

Jackman worked part-time at a gas station while enrolled in college. He quit his job after one of his co-workers was held at gunpoint and robbed.

Number Twelve: Russel Crowe Gave a Push to His Career

Wolverine went through many hands until it reached Hugh Jackman. Dougray Scott was the first choice to play the part, but he turned it down due to his commitment to Mission Impossible II. Russel Crowe was offered the role afterwards but turned it down too. However, Crowe recommended Jackman to Bryan Singer, and eventually got the part.

Number Eleven: He Loves Wrestling

Jackman is a huge fan of wrestling. In 2011, he appeared on WWE Raw, where he punched Dolph Ziggler right in the face! Of course, it was all staged as part of a publicity stunt to promote Reel Steel.

Number Ten: The Movie That Inspired Him to Become an Actor

As strange as it might sound, Hugh Jackman decided he might want to become an actor after watching Friday the 13th. He’s a big fan of the entire franchise and used to dream to, one day, play Jason.

Number Nine: He Plays Rugby

Jackman had a rough childhood, due to their parents’ divorce and his mom abandoning them shortly after. He started playing rugby to control his rage. In 1997, he was asked to sing the Australian National Anthem at the rugby’s Bledisloe Cup, where Australia competed against New Zealand.

Number Eight: Hugh Jackman’s Childhood Crush

Jackman’s childhood crush was none other than Olivia Newton John! He adored the Grease actress so much he had a poster of her in his room, right under his desk. Stay tuned for more interesting fun facts in part two, coming soon!

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