How Video Conferencing Saves a Business Time and Money



Tightened budgets, increased competition, and changes to work culture mean that all businesses and individuals are looking for ways to make their work day more productive while saving money at the same time. Online tools such as huddle online conferencing with BlueJeans have made huge steps to turning this tide. Here are just a few things they can do to help your company and staff:

  1. Stronger Internet Connection

Video conferencing is fairly versatile software that requires an upgrade to a strong and reliable internet connection to work properly. This upgrade has benefits not just for conferencing itself but for all parts of business functions. Cloud storage company Synextra found that 38 hours and £494 ($607) worth of productivity per person are lost each year as a direct result of slow or dropped internet connection.

  1. Fewer Devices

Video conferencing systems used to be bulky and complex. This was back in the day when every function needed a separate device to perform it and everybody’s suitcase was bursting with them. Today, even mobile devices combine multiple functions into one, including online video calls. They come equipped with internet access, webcams, microphones, speakers, and everything else you need to make an online call.

  1. Less Commuting

This inter-consecutiveness drastically cuts down on the need to travel between locations for meetings or to commute over long distances. Video Conferencing Guide gives the example of travelling for two days to make a meeting of two hours. That is two full days of productivity wasted for a brief meeting, and an employee left worn out by travel. Commuting for meetings not only takes up a lot of time and energy but also makes up a large chunk of company overheads from flying in international clients and providing them with accommodation and refreshments.

  1. Easy to Use

Training makes up another large portion of the company budget. It is also difficult and time consuming for people to constantly have to train themselves on using new equipment right after they have gotten comfortable with the last one. Conferencing software is designed to be as simple to use as possible and quick and easy to pick up. Every part of the software is designed for convenience, from automatic appointments in your online calendar to access codes sent through e-mail.

  1. File Sharing

Storing and sharing files over cloud storage that is based online rather than on a hard drive makes it easy for all staff to gain instant access to the files and information they need and make updates in real time. Even online meetings can be recorded and saved on cloud storage for people to watch later on. It is also all stored securely with password access and firewalls with security staff on hand in case of a breach.

The costs of a conferencing software subscription or upgrades to faster internet and improved devices can help all businesses and their staff to be more productive, save the company money, and even generate more revenue. Try it out yourself with a free trial and see the time and money it saves you and your company and how it can improve your personal life and company culture.

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